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Archives and Special Collections: Archive of Harvey Wolf Kushner, Ph.D.

Archives and Special Collections is a repository for materials contained in a variety of formats: books, manuscripts, correspondence, journals, photographs, posters, maps, original drawings, theatre programs, archival documents, and other materials.

Archive of Harvey Wolf Kushner, Ph.D. -- Collection Facts at a Glance

Harvey Wolf Kushner, Ph.D. began donating his archival materials in 2015. Donations are currently on-going. Dr. Kushner is the Chairman of the Criminal Justice Department and a Professor of Criminal Justice at LIU Post, Brookville, New York. He is currently the Director of the Homeland Security & Terrorism Institute located on the LIU Riverhead Campus.

Collection Time Period:
20th and 21st Centuries

This collection contains books signed by Dr. Kushner as well as Press Releases and Original Press Clippings. 1991-2005. The collection will be expanding.

Scope and Content:
3 Signed Books and 1 Box of Press Clippings. The Collection will expand with continued donations.

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Harvey Wolf Kushner, Ph.D. -- Biography

Chairman of LIU Criminal Justice Department, Director of LIU Homeland Security and Terrorism Institute and Renowned Expert on Terrorism

Dr. Kushner completed his masters and received his Ph.D. degree in political science at New York University. He is Chairman of the Criminal Justice Department and a Professor of Criminal Justice at LIU Post, Brookville, New York. He is the Director of the Homeland Security & Terrorism Institute located on the LIU Riverhead Campus. As a recognized expert on terrorism, he works with the U. S. government on critical issues involving terrorism. Elected officials, military personnel and foreign governments have benefited from Kushner's advisement. Additionally, Kushner advises private sector clients ranging from chemical and petrol manufacturers to multi-national financial institutions.

Kushner wrote the expert's report for a successful multimillion-dollar civil litigation arising out of the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center. He served as an expert during the U.S. Embassy Bombings Trial, United States v. Usama bin Laden et al. In 2001, he wrote the expert's report in a landmark matrimonial case (Charpié v. Charpié) involving New York City and international terrorism after the September 11 attacks. From 2001 to 2003, he worked as expert in a civil litigation involving airport security procedures at MacArthur Airport (Andrew P. Oliveri v. International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local 815 and John R. Cuite).

In the immediate aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks, Kushner testified on terrorism and safety before the City Council of New York. He was also invited by the 9/11 Commission to participate in a VIP-briefing before the release of its final report. Additionally, he has appeared as a terrorism expert before the Department of Homeland Security's Homeland Security Advisory Council, United Nations in Austria, and National Security Bureau in Poland. He also evaluated equipment requests for countering terrorist events for Department of Homeland Security and Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Kushner has authored many articles and six books, five of which focus on the pervasive problems inherent in international terrorism. His best-seller Encyclopedia of Terrorism, has won numerous awards from the American Library Association and the Library Journal.

From exposing terrorists on The O'Reilly Factor to explaining the meaning of high alert on the Oprah Winfrey Show to discussing airport security on Larry King Live, Kushner is seen on all the major cable and television networks. On the radio, he is a frequent guest of the "Heavy Hundred," Talkers Magazine's most important radio talk show hosts.

For more in depth information about the impact and influential force that Harvey Kushner has been throughout his life, please read his personal biographical information at the following url:


Harvey Kushner Publications

Kushner, Harvey W. Essential Readings on Political Terrorism: Analyses of Problems and Prospects for the 21st Century. New York: Gordian Knot Books, 2002. First Edition. Signed.

Kushner, Harvey W., Editor. The Future of Terrorism: Violence in the New Millennium. Thousand Oaks, (California): Sage Publications. (c1998). Signed.

Kushner, Harvey W, and Bart Davis. Holy War on the Home Front. The Secret Islamic Terror Network in the United States. New York: Sentinel. (c2004). First Edition. Signed.

(We anticipate future receipt of additional publication by Dr. Harvey Kushner).

Burelle's Press Releases and Original Press Clippings -- Location : Box 1

Prepared by Heather Hesse and Jennifer Campos, Spring, 2016. Updated January 2018.

Folder 1: (6 total items)


Folder 2 -- Selected Descriptive Items about BurellesLuce: (2 total items)

  • Printed pages from the BurrellesLuce Website:
    • Company History. (Note: Burrelle's Press Clippings Bureau was founded in 1888 and became BurrellesLuce in 2003).
    • BurrellesLucesTime Line: Burrelle's 1888 to Present
    • "About Us" (brief description of company's workings).
  • Robert Luce's New York Times Obituary. Died November 29, 2005.
    Robert Luce was former Editor and Publisher of New Republic.


Folder 3 -- Harvey Kushner Press Releases 1995 -- Selected Press Releases: (8 total items)

  • WCBS 880 AM. March 20, 1995. 3:05-3:30pm. Dr. Harvey Kushner interviewed by Radio Reporters Terese Crowley and Harley Carnes. They discussed the Tokyo Subway Attack.
  • News Talk Television. Daytime Edition with Ernie Anastos. April 20, 1995. 12:00-1:30pm. Dr. Harvey Kushner Interviewed by Ernie Anastos.
    Dr. Kushner discussed Oklahoma City Federal Building Bombing.
  • Rainbow News 12. News 12 Long Island Afternoon Edition. November 20, 1995. 12:00-12:30pm. Nassau [County N.Y.]. Discussion about low crime rate which mentions Harvey Kushner.
  • News Talk Television. Prime Time Edition with Patrick Halpin. December 20, 1995. Dr. Harvey Kushner interviewed by Patrick Halpin. Discussion about terrorism attacks on World Trade Center, Oklahoma City and Anti-Terrorism Legislation.
  • News Talk Television. Afternoon Edition with Dense Richardson. December 26, 1995. 3:00-6:00pm. Discussion about Oklahoma City bombing.


Folder 4 -- Harvey Kushner Press Releases 1996 -- Selected Press Releases: (19 total items)

  • News Talk Television. Afternoon Edition with Dense Richardson. March 4, 1996. 3:00-6:00pm. In a telephone interview, Dr. Harvey Kushner discusses the terrorist attack on Israel by the Radical Palestinian Group Hamas.
  • WABC 770 AM. The Lionel Show. April 9, 1996. 5:30-10:00 AM. Dr. Harvey Kushner author of "Terrorism in America" discussed the Unabomber.
  • News Talk Television. Prime Time Edition with Patrick Halpin. June 10, 1996. 9:00-11:00pm. Dr. Harvey Kushner discussed the Freemen Standoff.
  • News Talk Television Afternoon Edition with Dense Richardson. June 18, 1996. Host Lisa Evers and Dr. Harvey Kushner discussed the TWA Flight 747 explosion off the South Shore of Long Island.
  • Business News Network. Business Day. July 29, 1996. 3:05-6:00pm. Co-Host Dan Smith covered the topics: Terrorism in America; TWA Flight 800, Olympics 1996, World Trade Center and Oklahoma City.


Folder 5 -- Harvey Kushner Press Releases 1997 -- Selected Press Releases: (22 total items)

  • In Touch Networks. Time Magazine. February 26, 1997. 12:00-1:00pm. Harvey W. Kushner talked about "indefinite incarceration".
  • Long Island, N.Y. Reporter Roundtable. April 19, 1997. 4:30-5:00pm. C.W. Post Crime Rate Projection Study mentioned.
  • Rainbow News 12. Night Edition. June 13, 1997. 10:00-11:00pm. Subject: Sara Muller interviewed several people about the decision in the Timothy McVeigh case. Harvey Kushner was one of several people interviewed.
  • Fox News Channel. Hannity & Colmes. June 16, 1997. 9:00-10:00pm. Subject: A report is given on the Timothy McVeigh case and how his attorney has suggested that the militia movement and anti-government rhetoric may have inspired him to blow up the Oklahoma federal building. Harvey Kushner discussed Nichols' involvement, Stephen Jones on "60 Minutes" and militia watch website.


Folder 6 -- Harvey Kushner Press Releases 1998 -- Selected Press Releases: (87 total items)

  • WABC 770 AM. The Steve Malsberg Show. January 9, 1998. 10:25pm-2:00am. Subject: Steve Malsberg discussed terrorism today, and Harvey Kushner's opinions on terrorism. Harvey Kushner is asked about terrorism and world affairs by various callers.
  • Syndicated via WOR 710 AM. The Joan Rivers Show. Subject: Joan Rivers took a radio call from "Michael" who talked about terrorists. Michael, a caller, commented on Harvey Kushner's theory about the probability of terrorist attacks.
  • Fox News Channel. Hannity & Colmes. February 19, 1998. 9:00-10:00pm. Subject:" …Two men arrested, charged with possession of a biological agent that is capable of killing thousands. Harvey Kushner talked about future terrorist attacks."
  • WBBR 1130 AM. Tri-State News. July 16, 1998. 1:08-1:10 pm. Subject: Margaret McCorry interviews Dr. Harvey Kushner, who said he was troubled that the cause of the crash of TWA flight 800 has not been solved.


Folder 7 -- Harvey Kushner Press Releases 1999 -- Selected Press Releases: ( 134 total items)

  • WOR 710 AM. News. January 22, 1999. 8:00-8:05 pm. Subject: David Ryan from WOR talks with Harvey Kushner, a terrorism expert from Long Island University. Kushner said America is a constant target for terrorism and New York City is the number one target for both domestic and foreign terrorists.
  • WNYW-TV (FOX) Channel Five. 10 O'clock News. January 22, 1999. 10:00-11:00 pm. Subject: Mike Gilliam reports that President Clinton proposed spending 2.8 billion dollars to fight high-tech terrorism. Harvey Kushner, terrorism expert, stated that New York is the number one target of terrorists.
  • WOR 710 AM. News. April 26, 1999. 1:00-1:05 pm. Subject: Shelly Strickler reported that the diary left by the two teenage gunmen in Littleton, Colorado suggested that they planned a reign of terror following the high school rampage. David Ryan from WOR spoke with Dr. Harvey Kushner.
  • Syndicated via KTKK 630 AM. For The People. August 5, 1999. 12:05-2:00 pm. Subject: Chuck Harder talks about Osama bin Laden and quoted Harvey Kushner, "With thousands of fanatics ready to do his bidding, U.S. officials fear the Saudi ex-patriot is set to activate his followers for a series of new attacks on U.S. interests, including financial centers in New York."


Folder 8 -- Harvey Kushner Press Releases 2000 -- Selected Press Releases: (8 total items)

  • WABC-TV Channel Seven. Eyewitness News. July 25, 2000. 12:00-12:30pm. Subject: Co-anchors David Ushery and Lori Strokes interviewed Dr. Harvey Kushner via telephone regarding the crash of an Air France plane which apparently killed all one hundred nine people on board.
  • WCBS-TV Channel Two. News 2 at 5:00. October 12, 2000. 5:00-6:00pm. Subject: "Today, Co-anchor Todd McDermott speaks with a guest regarding the alleged terrorist bombing against a U.S. Navy ship." Dr. Harvey Kushner commented on the bombings.
  • KABC-AM 790. John & Ken Show. October 13, 2000. 5:00-9:00am. Subject: Co-hosts John and Ken talked with terrorism expert Dr. Harvey Kushner. Later, John mentioned that Kushner said Osama bin Laden is a prime suspect in the U.S.S. Cole attack.
  • WABC-TV Channel Seven. Eyewitness News Sunday Morning. October 15, 2000. 7:00-9:00 am. Subject: Co-anchors Michelle Charlesworth and Joe Torres talked about the unrest between the Israelis and the Palestinians in the Middle East. Harvey Kushner, a terrorism expert from Long Island University, talked about the violence in Israel and Jerusalem.


Folder 9 -- Harvey Kushner Press Releases 2001 -- Selected Press Releases: (102 total items)

  • WNYW-TV (FOX) Channel Five. 10 O'clock News. February 16, 2001. 10:00-11:00 pm. Subject: John Roland and Rosanna Scotto interviewed Harvey Kushner of C.W. Post College about the February 16, 2001 bombing of Iraq. Kushner is an expert in terrorism both at home and abroad.
  • WINS-Radio 1010 AM News Radio (NY, NY). September 11, 2001. Harvey Kushner speculated that Osama Bin Laden was responsible for the terrorist attacks on the U.S on September 11, 2001.
  • WOLF-TV (FOX) Channel Fifty-Six. News Watch 16 at Ten. September 14, 2001. 10:00-10:30 pm. Subject: This segment is an in-studio interview with New Jersey Senator Jon Corzine, Harvey Kushner author of "The Future of Terrorism: Violence in the New Millennium and Violence in America" and a former Army general and Fox News contributor. They discussed the attacks on America and what President Bush is planning to do.
  • WNYW-TV (FOX) Channel Five. 10 O'clock News. October 7, 2001. 10:00-10:30 pm. Subject: Reporter Rosanna Scotto talked with Harvey Kushner, who wrote the book "Terrorism in America", about what the terrorist attacks on America and any U.S. military action on Afghanistan mean for New York and all of America.


Folder 10 -- Harvey Kushner Press Releases 2002 -- Selected Press Releases: (102 total items)

  • NTLI-TV (IND) Channel Twelve. News 12 Long Island Night Edition. March 18, 2002. 10:00-11:00pm. Subject: A report was given about how the Pentagon wanted to scale back on the military controls over U.S. cities. Harvey Kushner, a terrorism expert, commented on the fighter jet patrols and the importance of them to the security of America.
  • MSNBC. America's News Channel. May 16, 2002. 4:00-5:00 pm. Subject: Lestler Holt talked with terrorism experts Steve Emerson and Harvey Kushner about the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the warning signs that were potentially overlooked by the CIA, the FBI and even the White House.
  • CBS. The Early Show. September 16, 2002. 7:00-9:00 am. Subject: Jane Clayson interviewed Harvey Kushner about the suspected terrorists that were arrested in upstate New York. Kushner says the arrests in Buffalo were significant to proving that terrorist cells are operating in this country. He also mentioned that the men who were arrested went to the same terrorist training camp as John Walker Lindh.
  • FOX News Channel. Studio B. October 14, 2002. 3:00-3:30pm. Subject: Shepard Smith introduced his next guest, Harvey Kushner. Kushner talked about the recent bombings in Kuwait, Bali and on a French oil ship. He gave his opinion on who was responsible for the bombings.


Folder 11 -- Harvey Kushner Press Releases 2003 -- Selected Press Releases: (41 total items)

  • FOX News Channel. FOX & Friends. March 8, 2003. 7:00-10:00 am. Subject: Harvey Kushner, author of "Encyclopedia of Terrorism" and President of, was interviewed live via satellite about the current events regarding the war on terrorism.
  • CNBC. Power Lunch. March 14, 2003. 12:00 Noon - 2:00pm. Subject: Garrett Glaser reported on shopping mall security in the post-9/11 world. Glaser reported on comments made by anti-terrorism expert Harvey Kushner during a conference call held by a big investment bank for some of its most important clients. He was critical of efforts by the retail industry to protect consumers in malls. Glaser mentioned an upcoming convention of retailers and security experts that would convene in Chicago over the weekend.
  • WPIX-TV (WB) Channel Eleven. WB 11 Morning News. 5:30-6:00 am. Subject: John Muller talked with terrorism expert Harvey Kushner about the safety of citizens here and soldiers in Iraq.
  • KVBC- TV (NBC) Channel Three. First News 3 at 4pm. March 21, 2003. 4:00-4:30. Subject: A report was given on security at shopping centers. During the segment, anti-terrorism expert Harvey Kushner was mentioned.


Folder 12 -- Kushner Safer America Store 2002-2003 -- Selected Press Releases and Original Press Clippings: (3 total items)

  • KPIX-TV Channel 5. October 16, 2002. "Manhattan store offers one-stop shopping for terror attack protection." Company Store President Harvey Kushner said that customer service will be one of the main reasons the store will be a success.
  • WABC-TV (ABC) Channel Seven. Eyewitness News 7. October 17, 2002. 12:00-12:30pm. Subject: Art McFarland reported that Safer America, a new anti-terrorism store founded by Dr. Harvey Kushner, was opening today in the financial district of New York as part of an effort to make Americans feel safer.
  • CNN Headline News. CNN Headline News 3rd Watch. October 17, 2002. 8:30-9:00pm. Subject: Co-anchor Stephen Frazier discussed survival gear with terrorism expert Harvey Kushner who is the president of a new store called "Safer America".
  • KWTV-TV (CBS) Channel Nine. News 9 at 4. October 17, 2002. 4:00-5:00pm. Subject: Drew Levinson reports on a new store that has just opened up in New York City called "Safer America", which sells items like full body armor and parachutes for jumping from buildings.


Folder 13 -- Press Clippings 1991-1993 -- Selected Press Clippings: (3 total items)

  • "Terrorism on Long Island is Possible But Not Likely." Independent Voice. January 24, 1991. Mentioned Harvey Kushner as a consultant to the police.
  • "ASIS Conference." Long Island Business News. August 23, 1993. Harvey Kushner, the guest speaker, discussed terrorism on Long Island.


Folder 14 -- Press Clippings 1995 -- Selected Press Clippings: (32 total items)

  • Harvey W. Kushner, Ph.D. News Clips 1995. C.W. Post Campus. Long Island University. (Booklet of News Clips).
  • "Nassau is maligned on Crime Rate, Study Says." New York Times. November 21, 1995. Mentions Dr. Kushner's Crime Study for Nassau County.
  • "Despite Public's Perception, Crime Rates Are at a 20-Year Low, Crime isn't everywhere." Levittown Tribune. December 8, 1995. Kushner released his study titled "Analysis of Factors Generating Nassau County's Low Crime Rate" at a Nov. 20 press conference at a Mineola District Attorney office.
  • "Nassau is one of the safest places to live." Misleader. November 30, 1995. Survey conductor, Dr. Harvey Kushner, said crime rate in Nassau County is among the lowest in the nation.


Folder 15 -- Press Clippings 1996 -- Selected Press Clippings: (10 total items)

  • "Is Long Islanders' Fear of Crime Overblown?" Newsday. Harvey Kushner. February 11, 1996. Dr. Harvey Kushner stated that as "Long Islanders' fear grows; crime on Long Island is decreasing."
  • "Science Doesn't Solve Murders - People Do." Newsday. Harvey Kushner. May 28, 1996. Dr. Harvey Kushner believes the general public is the most effective way to get information on crimes.
  • "Experts disagree on cause of crash." Nassau Herald (NYC Market Area). July 25, 1996. Dr. Harvey Kushner was "very sure the cause of the crash of TWA Flight 800 was terrorism."
  • "Blast leaves legacy of fear & caution." Boston Herald. July 29, 1996. After Atlanta's Centennial Olympic Park bombing, Dr. Harvey Kushner spoke about how crime and terrorism affect the public.


Folder 16 -- Press Clippings 1997 -- Selected Press Clippings: (20 total items)

  • "Scary Christmas gift: terrorism calendar." Journal News (AC Edition). December 9, 1998. Dr. Harvey Kushner described that his, 1999 Terrorism Anniversaries Calendar, was a useful security tool for both law enforcement agencies and civilians.
  • "A Date with Death." New York Jewish Week. December 25, 1998. The first "Terrorism Anniversaries Calendar" by Dr. Harvey Kushner. (Article includes picture of calendar cover.)
  • "Helping to Lift the Cover off Terrorism." New York Times (Long Island Edition). December 27, 1998. Dr. Harvey Kushner's steps he has taken to increase awareness of terrorism's threats.


Folder 17 -- Press Clippings 1998 -- Selected Press Clippings: (12 total items)

  • "Flight 800 taught airlines lesson of compassion." New York Post. September 4, 1998. "This is one of the good things that came out of TWA 800," Kushner said. "There is great care taken with victims and their families."
  • "Helping to Lift the Cover off Terrorism." New York Times. (Long Island Edition). December 27, 1998. Interview of Dr. Harvey Kushner.
  • Kushner, Harvey. "The Middle of the Runway." Airport Press. December 1998. (An article about airport security).
  • "New York beefs up its security." Times Herald. August 30, 1998. New York City prepared for terrorist threats.


Folder 18 -- Press Clippings 1999 -- Selected Press Clippings: (7 total items)

  • "U.S. shuts 6 African embassies." Times Herald Record. June 26, 1999. Harvey Kushner was quoted from one of his previous interviews on the closed embassies.
  • "When terrorists turn to the Internet" Christian Science Monitor. July 1, 1999. Harvey Kushner said "cyber-terrorism is more the act of the freelancer or the individual."
  • "U.S. Borders on High Alert" Washington Post. December 19, 1999.
  • Harvey Kushner said the search for Rossum's accomplice extends from the West Coast to New York.
  • "Is Canada a haven for terrorists?" Christian Science Monitor. December 23, 1999. Harvey Kushner commented on US-Canadian border control.


Folder 19 -- Press Clippings 2000 -- Selected Press Clippings: (2 total items)

  • "Terror tries to come home." U.S. News & World Report. Jan 3, 2000. Harvey Kushner quoted on millennial terrorism fear.
  • "Stress may have fueled slayings." Journal News (AC Edition). January 4, 2000. Harvey Kushner said financial pressure may have been the cause of a mass family killing.
  • "Terror chief bin Laden poised to strike again." New York Post. August 7, 2000. Harvey Kushner warned that embassy bombing anniversaries are significant and we should be vigilant.
  • "Navy had been warned its ships were targets." Sunday New York Post. October 15, 2000. Harvey Kushner said "there were too many weak links in the communication chain."


Folder 20 -- Press Clippings 2001-02 -- Selected Press Clippings: (71 total items)

  • "Like Nostradamus, but Carrying Anthrax Pills." New York Times. October 2, 2001. Dr. Kushner in demand with the media.
  • "Learning to Remain Safe." Investor's Business Daily. October 15, 2001. Harvey Kushner added to tips on safety.
  • "The Lessons of History." Dallas Morning News. November 11, 2001. Dr. Harvey Kushner said Americans can draw comfort in history of terrorism.
  • "Speculation flourishes in an absence of answers." Boston Globe. November 13, 2001. Dr. Harvey Kushner said there were no signs terrorism was involved in the crash of flight 587.


Folder 21 -- Press Clippings 2003-2004 -- Selected Press Clippings: (5 total items)

  • "Get America out of the U.N." Daily Record. March 15, 2003. Dr. Harvey Kushner believes U.N. provides cover for terrorism.
  • "LI Police Pleased With Drop in Crime." Newsday (Suffolk Edition). July 16, 2003. Harvey Kushner said "the numbers are encouraging but perceptions of crime are not declining."
  • "Lunch and Books Features Terrorism Expert, Dr. Harvey Kushner, and the Novel Stolen by Malika Lufkin." Beacon (Merrick Edition). [Newspaper article]. September 5, 2003.
  • "Finding new nominee won't be easy task." Newsday. December 12, 2004. Harvey Kushner said it will be difficult finding someone who has a law enforcement background and is well known.


Folder 22 -- Press Clippings 2005 -- Selected Press Releases: (10 total items)

  • "Fight likely on bill to cut rail." Newsday. July 9, 2005. Harvey Kushner said the underground rail system and buses are vulnerable.
  • "Suicide attacks possible in U.S. experts conclude." Newark Star Ledger. July 14, 2005. Dr. Harvey Kushner believes similar attack as the one in London can happen here.
  • "What's in a Bag Check? Deterrence, and Comfort." New York Times. July 23, 2005. Harvey Kushner is not convinced by the bag checks.
  • "NYPD analyst raises concerns about bombers' New York clothing." Newsday. August 6, 2005. Harvey Kushner believes coded messages through clothing "is a stretch" but worth an investigation.


Folder 23 -- Photos of Dr. Harvey Kushner 1996: (30 total images)

  • Photos of Dr. Harvey Kushner at Radio Station. [WGBB 1240 AM].


Folder 24 -- Press Clippings: Undated -- Selected Press Clippings: (11 total items)

  • "Terrorism no longer something 'over there'." The Philadelphia Inquirer. [1994]. Harvey Kushner commented on World Trade Center bombing. nd
  • "Republican Club to Host Terrorism Expert." [1995]. Harvey Kushner was invited to speak at The North Syosset-Woodbury Republican Club at its May meeting. nd
  • "Arrest prompts fear of terrorism." [1999]. Harvey Kushner said officials are concerned because the bomb-making equipment and timing device that Ressam had are virtually identical to those used by Osama bin Laden. nd


Harvey Wolf Kushner, Ph.D.

Harvey Wolf Kushner

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