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Archives and Special Collections: Art

Archives and Special Collections is a repository for materials contained in a variety of formats: books, manuscripts, correspondence, journals, photographs, posters, maps, original drawings, theatre programs, archival documents, and other materials.

Architectural Library of H. T. Lindeberg

This collection contains architectural monographs and some periodicals donated circa 1962 by Mrs. H. T. Lindeberg. New York architect Harrie T. Lindeberg's career, spanning more than forty years, won him great renown for the grand urbane country home. He retired on his estate on Long Island after World War II.

Archive of Artist Ray Johnson: A Bad Archive

Matthew Rose, artist and friend of Ray Johnson, curated the first A Book About Death (ABAD) exhibit in 2009, inspired by Ray Johnson's own A Book About Death. Artists were asked to contribute printed postcards to create what Rose referred to as an unbound Book About Death. The exhibit inspired spontaneous ABAD exhibitions which are still happening worldwide. In 2010, Professor Joan Harrison and LuAnn T. Palazzo co-curated an ABAD exhibit in the SAL Gallery at LIU Post. Rose and Harrison generously donated their exhibition materials, art postcards, several artworks, and archives to LIU Post's Archives and Special Collections.

Archive of Joan and John Digby - Private Press Publications

The Archive of Joan and John Digby's Private Press Publications emphasizes collaboration between visuals and textual creativity, with constancy to black and white illustrations, drawings, collages, engravings, and photographs. Illustrated strictly in black-and-white, these booklets are issued in limited editions.

Archive of Landscape Architect Shogo Myaida

Shogo Myaida was a famous landscape artist who worked during the 20th Century. He incorporated his knowledge of European and Japanese gardening traditions into his landscapes. This collection was donated by Shogo Myaida who designed the Japanese Garden at the Hillwood Estate, Museum and Gardens in Washington D.C. for Marjorie Merriweather Post, LIU Post Campus benefactor. This collection contains selections of Shogo Myaida's Original Artworks, Architectural Plans, Biographical Information, Blueprints, Etchings, Miscellaneous Materials, Photographs, and Sketches.

Art Archive of Artist/Illustrator George Withers

Artist/Illustrator George Withers illustrated planes for the U. S. Army Air Forces in New York City before he entered the European war front in WWII. When the war ended, he returned to New York and led a prolific, fascinating life working in the worlds of illustration, advertising, magazine, book and music publishing. George Withers' cartoons, illustrations and artworks further expand the scope and enrich the content of the Cedar Swamp Historical Society Collection where this special art archive is now housed.

Illuminated Manuscripts, Exact Facsimiles

  • The Book of Kells
    The supreme achievement of Irish Celtic Art and a pre-eminent example of an illuminated manuscript.
  • Les très riches heures du Duc de Berry
    A prayer book of exceptional quality, full of great beauty. It is a rich compendium of brilliant small paintings and it ranks among the great masterpieces of the Middle Ages.
  • Les heures de Turin-Milan
    An illuminated prayer-book. Initially commissioned by the Duc de Berry in 1380. This work was importantly advanced by Jan van Eyck, producing his only known miniatures. It was completed by van Eyck's group of illuminators after his death. The original manuscript, which is a missal despite its title, now resides in the Museo Civico d'Arte Antica in Turin.
  • The Ellesmere Chaucer
    From the Huntington Library of Marino, California, this manuscript of Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, made soon after 1400, is the most famous of all English literary, illuminated manuscripts, featuring twenty-three portraits of the storytellers, including Chaucer himself. (The acquisition of this facsimile is especially dedicated to the memory of the late LIU Post Professor of English, Dr. Richard Griffith).

The Saidie Scudder Archival and Book Collection

The Saidie Scudder Archival and Book Collection was donated in 1988 by Saidie E. Scudder, (1907-2001) and her older sister Hazel L., who died in 1990. Their parents, P. Halstead and Sarah Townsend Scudder, were descendants of an historical Quaker family line on Long Island, New York. The sisters were also active Quakers who in their later years were responsible for providing funding for the restoration of the old Quaker meeting house in Matinecock that had been destroyed by fire. They lived in Glen Cove, New York and were active gardeners, sharing classes in their greenhouse, as well as engaging in community projects. In their final years, they lived in Mill Neck, New York.

The collection is from their inheritance in 1984 from the estate of a long-time friend Dorothy Marie Bryan, who was the children's book editor at Dodd, Mead & Company. The collection contains pre-publication illustrations and a variety of materials created by well known children's author-illustrators in the American Juvenile Collection's time period.

Walt Whitman Lithograph Collection

Framed portraits of Whitman, along with drawings and paintings in black and white.

William Randolph Hearst Art Archives

The William Randolph Hearst archival collection of over one hundred volumes documenting the objets d'art acquired by "Citizen Kane" Hearst. These records consist of descriptive text, sales history, and photographs.

Index Iconologicus, 1250-1940

Index Iconologicus, 1250-1940 spans the major periods of art and literary history and includes more than 60,000 entries, with a concentration of 16th- and 17th- century art. The earliest imprint is 1250 and the most recent if 1940. In addition to photographic reproductions of artistic works, the index contains a wealth of literary, historical, and bibliographic information. With the collection, students and scholars of literature can trace the development of literary themes as represented in works of art. Historians can explore the theological, historical, and philosophical backgrounds in artistic works from four centuries. This collection consists of 400 items on fiche, and is accessed by Index Iconologicus: A Guide to the Microform Edition. Funded by the Palmer Bequest.

Housed with the Periodicals Department microfilm.

William Morris

A genuine "Renaissance" man, William Morris enjoyed myriad interests, ranging from architecture to book design. These archives span all periods of his career. The reels of microfilm are housed in the Palmer Microfilm cabinets. The guides are located at the Periodicals Reference Desk.

The Literary MSS of William Morris from the British Library, London includes poetry and tales from The Earthly Paradise, along with translations, sketches, political lectures, and journals. [9 reels] (Periodicals Z 6616.M7 L4 1985x pt.1)

The Literary MSS of William Morris from the Huntington Library, San Marino concentrates on Morris' literary talents and contains autograph volumes and translations, including the full text of The Tables Turned or Nupkins Awakened. [7 reels] (Periodicals Z 6616.M7 L4 1985x pt.2)

Archives of the Socialist League, 1884-1891; Minutes and Papers of the Council of the League from the Nettlau Archive at the International Institute for Social History, Amsterdam, represents the complete surviving archives of the Socialist League and provides valuable insight into Morris' motives and politics. [37 reels] (Periodicals Z 6616.M7 L4 1985x pt.3)

Art, Book Design & Literary Papers from Kelmscott Manor; the Society of Antiquaries, London; & the British Library Dept. of Printed Books covers his work as a printer, designer, artist, and critic and includes rare copies of printed pamphlets, proofs, bookplates, and type and ornament designs. [5 reels] (Periodicals Z 6616.M7 L4 1985x pt.4)

This collection was funded by the Palmer Bequest.

Housed with the Periodicals Department microfilm.

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