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Archives and Special Collections: Archives of Arthur T. Roth

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News Release: The Papers of Arthur T. Roth

The Papers of "Mr. Long Island" Come Home to Long Island University
Archives of Legendary Banker Arthur T. Roth Trace His Groundbreaking Career

The papers and memorabilia which trace the groundbreaking career of innovative Long Island banker Arthur T. Roth - credited with introducing the bank credit card and drive up teller window - have been donated to Long Island University by his son, Donald Roth, a 1964 graduate of the LIU Post Campus of Long Island University in Brookville. The Roth Papers, now housed in the Campus's Center for Business Research, are the first installment of a collection of primary sources documenting prominent Long Island business leaders and institutions.

Fondly known as "Mr. Long Island", Arthur Roth played a key role in the development of Long Island banking from 1926 through the 1970's. By challenging traditional banking practices and creating new services, Roth turned the floundering Franklin Square National Bank into the 18th largest bank in the nation. Above all, he placed his confidence in the consumer and his energy into consumer needs. Among his countless changes, Roth made loans and mortgages readily accessible and banks more user friendly. In the course of building the bank, Roth financed the homes and businesses that built Long Island.

With the same spirit, Roth made innovations that have changed today's workplace. He pioneered smoking bans as early as the 1950's, encouraged the hiring of handicapped personnel, and worked diligently for community, educational and cultural causes, including service as a Trustee of Long Island University from 1954 to 1976. Despite his diligence and commitment, Roth was forced out of Franklin Square National Bank in the late '60's, and shortly thereafter, it collapsed, nearly causing a worldwide fiasco. The bank was taken over by European American Bank.

Arthur Roth died in 1997, at the age of 91, but his legacy continues. The building which houses LIU Post's College of Management bears his name, and his impact can be explored by researchers and studied by students for many generations through personal archive of papers, journals, and memories.

Arthur Roth's papers are now a part of the permanent collection of the B. Davis Schwartz Memorial Library at the LIU Post Campus of Long Island University. The campus is located on Northern Boulevard (Route 25A) in Brookville, New York. For more information about this collection, call (516) 299-2985 or email

Transmittal List: The Papers of Arthur T. Roth

Box List of Papers Noted During Transfer

Box 1
Volume 1: 1926-1944
Volume 2: 1945-1946
Volume 3: 1947-48-1949

Box 2
Volume 4: 1950
Volume 5: 1951
Volume 6: 1952-1953
Volume 7: 1954-1955

Box 3
Volume 8: 1956
Volume 9: 1957-1958-1959
Volume 10: 1960
Volume 11: 1961-1962

Box 4
Volume 12: 1963
Volume 13: 1964-1965
Volume 14: 1966
Volume 15: 1967

Box 5
Volume 16: 1968
Letters: 1967-1968
Letters: 1970

Box 6
Letters: 1974A
Letters: 1974B
Letters: 1975

Box 7
Letters: 1976
Letters: 1977-1978
Miscellaneous Bankbooks

Box 8
Letters: 1968-1971

Box 9
Letters: 1972-1973

Box 10
Letters: 1980-1985

Box 11
Papers related to Franklin National Bank: 1945-1979

Box 12
History of Franklin National Bank:

  • Gordon Hoxie: History of Franklin National Bank
  • Proposals to the Joint Legislative Committee to Revise the Banking Law
  • Commercial Loan Policies and Forms
  • Early Years at Manufacturers Trust Co.
  • Banking information: (Including the Failure of Franklin National Bank)
  • Loan Policies 1966

Box 13

  • Reorganization Plan No. 1 of 1950: Bank Program and Replies
  • Reorganization Plan No. 1: Replies from Bankers and others to Arthur T. Roth's Letters of April 4, 1950
  • Resolution to Oust Savings Banks from the A.B.A. 1957-1959
  • Omnibus Bill 1959

Box 14
Tax Reform

Box 15
Tax Reform

Box 16
Tax Reform: Including Tax Equality 1958-1967 Volume

Box 17
Anti-Smoking: Including Smoking 1963-1969 Volume

Box 18
Watchdogs of the Treasury

Box 19
Biographical Material
Book: People's Banker: The Story of Arthur T. Roth and the Franklin National Bank

Box 20
Photo Albums

Box 21

Box 22
Framed Certificates

Box 23
Miscellaneous Papers
Jubilee 1949 Volume


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