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Archives and Special Collections: Dorothy Dayton Sorzano Theatre Collection

Archives and Special Collections is a repository for materials contained in a variety of formats: books, manuscripts, correspondence, journals, photographs, posters, maps, original drawings, theatre programs, archival documents, and other materials.

Dorothy Dayton Sorzano Theatre Collection

Upon his death in 1993, Julio Francisco Sorzano, a long-time "Friend of the Southampton College Library", bequeathed his collection of theatrical books and periodicals to the library. The collection is dedicated to the memory of his wife who shared his life-long love of the stage.

During World War II, Mr. Sorzano helped organize Camp Shows Inc., a theatrical group that later became the U.S.O. They were responsible for sending entertainers, such as Bob Hope, to military bases throughout the world. He was a life member of "The Players", a club founded in 1888 by Edwin Booth, a preeminent American actor (and brother of John Wilkes Booth), for those dedicated to the interests of the theater.

Holdings List - Books

Archer, William. English Dramatists of To-day. London: Sampson Low, Marston, Searle, & Rivington, 1882.

Arliss, George. Up The Years from Bloomsbury. An Autobiography. With Illustrations. Boston: Little Brown and Company, 1927. First Edition. (Inscribed by "Dorothy and Julio" "and dated Xmas 1927").

Barrett, Lawrence. Charlotte Cushman. A Lecture. With an Appendix containing a Letter from Joseph N. Ireland. New York: The Dunlap Society, 1889. Limited to 175 copies.

Barrymore, John. Confessions of an Actor. Illustrated. Indianapolis: The Bobbs-Merrill Company. (1926, c.1925)

Belasco, David. Plays Produced Under the Stage Direction of David Belasco. Illustrations by William F. Kurze. New York, [n.p.],1925. Inscribed by David Belasco and dated March 30th, 1925.

Blake, Charles. An Historical Account of the Providence Stage; Being A Paper Read Before the Rhode Island Historical Society, October 25th, 1860 (With Additions). Providence: George H. Whitney, 1868. Limited to 200 copies.

Brief Sketch of Geo. C. Miln, and Some Criticisms on His Dramatic Ability. Chicago: Fergus Printing Company, 1883.

Burk, John. Bunker-Hill or the Death of General Warren, An Historic Tragedy in Five Acts. With an introductory essay by Brander Matthews. New York: The Dunlap Society, 1891. Limited to 190 copies.

Ceram, CW. Archaeology of the Cinema. [Translated by Richard Winston]. 295 illustrations. New York: Harcourt, Brace & World, Inc. [nd]. (First American Edition).

Clapp, John B. and Edgett, Edwin F. Players of the Present. New-York: The Dunlap Society, 1899-1901. Parts 1-3. Limited to 265 copies.

Cochrane, Alexander Baillie. The Theatre Francais in the Reign of Louis XV. London: Hurst and Blackett, 1879.

Cornell, Katharine. I Wanted to Be an Actress. The Autobiography of Katharine Cornell. As told to Ruth Woodbury Sedgwick. New York: Random House. [c1938, 1939].

Coward, Noel. Play Parade. Garden City, New York: Doubleday, Doran & Company, Inc., 1933. (Inscribed by "Dorothy and Julio" Sorzano Christmas and dated 1933).

Cushman, Charlotte. Charlotte Cushman: Her Letters and Memories of Her Life. Edited by her friend, Emma Stebbins. Boston: Houghton, Osgood and Company, 1878.

Daly, Charles P. First Theater In America. When Was the Drama First Introduced in America? An Inquiry. Including A consideration of the objections that have been made to the stage. New York: The Dunlap Society, 1896. First edition. (1/260) (For the Dunlap Society, May 1896).

Daly, Joseph Francis. The Life of Augustin Daly. New York: The MacMillan Company, 1917. First Edition.

Dibdin, Charles. A Complete History of the English Stage. Introduced by a comparative and comprehensive review of the Asiatic, the Grecian, the Roman, the Spanish, the Italian, the French, and other theatres, and involving Biographical Tracts and Anecdotes, instructive and amusing, concerning a prodigious number of Authors, Composers, Painters, Actors, Singers, and Patrons of Dramatic Productions in all countries. London: Leicester Place, Leicester Square, 1795. Volumes 1-5.

Dryden, John. The Conquest of Granada by the Spaniards. Acted at the Theatre-Royal. In Two-Parts. Written by John Dryden, Servant to his Majesty. London: Printed for J. Tonfon and T. Bennet. 1704. (Sixth Edition).

Du Maurier, George. Peter Ibbeston. With an Introduction by his cousin Lady ***** ("Madge Plunket") The Play Edition with "The Story of the Play" by Constance Collier and additional illustrations from the play. New York, London: Harper & Brothers, [c.1891]

Dunlap, William. Andre. A Tragedy in Five Acts. With an introduction by Brandon Matthews. New York: The Dunlap Society, 1887. Limited to 175 copies.

Dunlap Society. Biennial Reports of the Treasurer and Secretary of the Dunlap Society. New-York: The Dunlap Society, 1888. Limited to 500 copies.

Edgett, Edwin Francis. Edward Loomis Davenport. A Biography. New York: The Dunlap Society, 1901. Limited to 265 copies.

Field, Al. G. Watch Yourself Go By. (Illustrated by Ben. W. Warden). Columbus, Ohio: [n.p.] 1912

Ford, Paul Leicester. Washington and the Theatre. New York: The Dunlap Society, 1899. Limited to 265 copies.

Forrest, Sam. Variety of Miscellanea. New York: 1939. Privately Printed. Signed by the author.

Frohman, Daniel. Daniel Frohman Presents An Autobiography. New York: Claudia Kendall & Willoughby Sharp. (c.1935). First Edition. Inscribed by the author and dated May 1936)

Goodwin, Nat C. Nat Goodwin's Book. Illustrated. Boston: Richard G Badger, the Gorhan Press, Toronto: Copp Clark Company Limited (c.1914)

Hopkins, Albert A. Magic, Stage Illusions and Scientfic Diversions, Including Trick Photography. With an Introduction by Henry Ridgely Evans. With four hundred illustrations. New York: Munn & Co. Publishers, Scientific American Office, 1897.

Hornblow, Arthur. A History of the Theatre in America, From its Beginning to the Present Time. Philadelphia, London: J.B. Lippincott Company, 1919. Volumes 1 and 2.

Hutton, Laurence and Carey, William. Occasional Addresses. New York: The Dunlap Society, 1890. Limited to 185 copies.

Hutton, Laurence. Opening Addresses. New York: The Dunlap Society, 1887. Limited to 175 copies.

Ireland, Joseph Norton. A Memoir of the Professional Life of Thomas Abthorpe Cooper. New York: The Dunlap Society, 1888. Limited to 190 copies.

James Henry. Theatricals Second Series. The Album. The Reprobate. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1895.

Jenkins, Stephan. The Greatest Street in the World. The Story of Broadway. Old and New, from the Bowling Green to Albany. New York, London: G.P. Putnam's Sons (The Knickerbocker Press). (c.1911). (Published October 1911, Reprinted January 1912). (160 Illustrations and 6 maps).

Jerome, Jerome K. Stage-Land: Curious Habits and Customs of its Inhabitants. Drawn by J. Bernard Partridge. New York: John W. Lovell Company, [nd]

Keese, William L. William E. Burton, Actor, Author and Manager. A Sketch of His Career, with Recollections of His Performances. New York and London: G.P. Putnam's Sons, (the Knickerbocker Press), 1885.

Keese, William L. William E. Burton. A Sketch of His Career Other Than That of Actor, with Glimpses of His Home Life and Extracts from His Theatrical Journal. New York: The Dunlap Society, 1891. Limited to 190 copies.

Keese, William L. A Group of Comedians. New York: The Dunlap Society, 1901 Limited to 265 copies.

Kemble, Frances Anne. Further Records. 1848-1883. A Series of Letters by Francis Anne Kemble. Forming a Sequel to Records of a Girlhood and Records of a Later Life. With a Portrait of Mrs. Charles Kemble. New York: Henry Holt and Company, 1891.

Kemble, Francis Ann. Records of a Later Life. New York: Henry Holt and Company, 1882.

Kennedy, Charles Rann. The Servant in the House. Illustrated with portraits of the characters in the play. New York, London: Harper & Brothers, 1908.

Kilby, Quincy and Tompkins, Eugene. The History of the Boston Theatre 1854-1901. Boston and New York: Houghton Mifflin Company, (the Riverside Press), 1908.

Leslie, Amy. Some Players Personal Sketches. Chicago New York: Herbert S. Stone & Company, 1899.

Logan, Olive. Before the Footlights and Behind the Scenes: A Book About "The Show Business" in all its Branches: from Puppet Shows to Grand Operas; from Mountebanks to Menageries; from Learned Pigs to Lectures, from Burlesque Blonds to Actors and Actresses; with some observations and reflections (original and reflected on Morality and Immorality in Amusments: Thus exhibiting the "Show World" as Seen from Within, through the eyes of a former Actress, as well as from Without through the Eyes of Present Lecturer and Author). Pennsylvania, Ohio, Conn: Parmelecal & Co, 1870.

Logan, Olive. The Mimic World and Public Exhibitions. Their History, Their Morals and Effects. Philadelphia, Boston, [et. al]: New World Publishing Company, 1871.

McGlinchee, Claire. The First Decade of the Boston Museum. Boston: Bruce Humphries, Inc. (c.1940)

MacMinn, George R. The Theater of the Golden Era in California. Illustrated. Caldwell, Idaho: The Caxton Printers, Ltd., 1941.

Maeder, Clara Fisher. Autobiography of Clara Fisher Maeder. Edited by Douglas Taylor. New York: The Dunlap Society, 1897. Limited to 260 copies.

Mapes, Victor. Duse and the French. Introduction by Daniel Frohman. New York: The Dunlap Society, 1898. Limited to 260 copies.

Matthews, Brander. These Many Years, Recollections of a New Yorker. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1917.

Nathan, George Jean. Land of the Pilgrims' Pride. New York, London: Alfred A Knopf, 1927.

Pence, James Harry. The Magazine and the Drama, An Index. New York: The Dunlap Society, 1896. Limited to 250 copies.

The Players. Founder's Night. 31 December 1940. New York: The Marchbanks Press, [1941?].

Priestly, J.B. Theatre Outlook. 8 photogravure plates in colour and 32 photogravure in black-and-white supplemented by 6 pictorial charts in colour designed by the Isotype Institute. London: Nicholson & Watson, (c.1947).

Ristori, Adelaide. Memoirs and Artistic Studies of Adelaide Ristori. Rendered into English by G. Mantellini. Biographical Appendix by L.D. Ventura. Illustrated with photographs and engravings. New York: Doubleday, Page, & Company, 1907.

Shakespeare, William. A Midsummer Night's Dream. Illustrated by Arthur Rackman. New York: Doubleday, Page, & Company; London: William Heinemann, 1911. Second Impression.

Shipman, Louis Evan. A Group of Theatrical Caricatures. Being Twelve Plate by W.J. Gladding. New York: The Dunalp Society, 1897. Limited to 160 copies.

Stoker, Bram. Personal Reminiscences of Henry Irving. New York: The MacMillan Company; London: MacMillan & Co. Ltd, 1906. Volumes 1 and 2.

Wallack, Lester. Memories of Fifty Years. Introduction by Laurence Hutton, with portraits and fac-similes. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1889.

Wilson, Francis. Francis Wilson's Life of Himself. Boston and New York: Houghton Mifflin Company (the Riverside Press), 1924.

Willard, George O. History of the Providence Stage, 1762-1891. Including sketches of Many Prominent Actors who have appeared in America. Providence: The Rhode Island News Company, Publisher's Agent, 1891

Winter William. The Actor and the Other Speeches. Chiefly on Theatrical Subjects and Occasions. New York: The Dunlap Society, 1891. Limited to 190 copies.

Winter William. A Sketch of the Life of John Gilbert. Together with extracts from his Letters and souvenirs of his career. New York: The Dunlap Society, 1890.Limited to 190 copies, Signed by John Gilbert and dated New York 1862.

Winter, William. The Stage Life of Mary Anderson. New York: George J Coombes, 1886.

Winter, William. A Wreath of Laurel. Being Speeches on Dramatic and Kindrid Occasions. New York: The Dunlap Society, 1898. Limited to 265 copies.

Wright, Richardson. Hawkers & Walkers in Early America. Strolling Peddlers, Preachers, Lawyers, Doctors, Players, and others from the Beginning to the Civil War. 68 Illustrations from old sources. Phildelphia: J.B. Lippincott Company, 1927.

Holdings List - Periodicals

The Baker Street Journals - An Irregular Quarterly of Sherlockiana.
 Edgar W. Smith, editor.
Morristown N.J., The Baker Street Irregular Inc.
  October 1954. Volume 4. Number 4.
1955. Volume 5. Numbers 2, 3, 4.
1956. Volume 6. Numbers 2, 3, 4.
1957. Volume 7. Numbers 2, 3.
1958. Volume 8. Numbers 3, 4.
1959. Volume 9. Numbers 1, 3, 4
1960. Volume 10.
1961. Volume 11. 19. Numbers 1, 3-1961,
1962. Volume 12, Numbers 1, 2.
The Baker Street Journal - Christmas Annual.
 Edgar W. Smith, editor.
Morristown, New Jersey: The Baker Street Irregulars.
The Baker Street Gasogene
 P.A. Ruber, editor.
New York: Peter A Ruber.
  Volume 1. Number 1.
The Players Bulletin
 Gramercy Park, New York: The Marchbanks Press.
  April 1, 1937, October 1, 1937, December 15, 1937,
November 15, 1938,
March 1, 1939. June 1, 1939.
March 1, 1940;
February, 1941 - Christmas, 1949.
Spring, 1950 - Winter, 1959.
Spring, 1960 - Autumn, 1976.
The Players Book (An Annual.).
 Gramercy Park, New York.
Theatre World.
 Daniel Blum, editor.
New York-Guide Printing Co. Inc.

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