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Archives and Special Collections: Constance and Andrew Ippolito Rare Book Collection

Archives and Special Collections is a repository for materials contained in a variety of formats: books, manuscripts, correspondence, journals, photographs, posters, maps, original drawings, theatre programs, archival documents, and other materials.

Constance and Andrew Ippolito Biography

Andrew Ippolito began his working career as Director of the Lindenhurst Memorial Library on Long Island. While there he arranged with WBAB radio to broadcast the popular local high school's Teenage Reading Program.

He moved on to help establish and become the Director of the North Babylon Library which started in a shopping center store-front. Next, Andrew became Director of the Merrick Library where he established the library as a cultural center with programming and community outreach.

Andrew Ippolito received a call from the librarian at the New York Times, who was responsible for his next move to become the first professional librarian at Newsday (a prominent Long Island newspaper). He developed a new mechanical filing system for Newsday using Lektrievers made by Remington Rand. This electronic filing system helped him to arrange more than a million press clippings that were stored in boxes. The call for press clippings was at a level of 1,000 per day! This system was hailed as the "first newspaper in the nation to utilize a modern, speedy mechanical filing/retrieval system." (Ippolito).

Andrew served in the Navy during the Korean War. His wife, Constance Ippolito, was a graduate of Flower Fifth Avenue Hospital, School of Nursing where she became a registered nurse. The couple married and moved to Washington, D.C. in 1954. Constance continued her nursing career in the Visiting Nurse Service while in Washington, D. C. Later after her four children were born, Constance opened a successful nursery school on Long Island and earned a graduate degree in Education.

Backed by Constance, Andrew ran in several political campaigns and has been politically active throughout his life Andrew and Constance enjoy their nine grandchildren and are still active during their retirement years.


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Archive of Almanacs

  1. Agricultural and Family Almanac 1848
  2. V.B. Palmer's Business-Men Almanac 1849
  3. Hutchins' Improved Almanac 1849
  4. The Illustrated Family Christian Almanac 1849
  5. VB Palmer's Business-Men's Almanac 1850
  6. Agricultural and Family Almanac 1850
  7. The Illustrated Family Christian Almanac 1850
  8. Poor Richard's Almanac 1851. As written by Benj.Franklin for the Years 1736, 1737, 1738.
  9. Farmer's and Mechanic's Almanac 1852
  10. The Family Christian Almanac 1853
  11. Hutchins' Improved Family Almanac 1853
  12. Farmer's and Mechanic's Almanac 1853
  13. The Democrat's Almanac, and Political Register for 1841
  14. The Farmer's Almanac 1842
  15. An Astronomical Diary for 1842; The Farmer's Almanac, 1842. Vol. 4 No. 2
  16. The Church Almanac 1843
  17. The Astro Magnetic Almanac 1843
  18. An Astronomical Diary for 1843; The Farmer's Almanac 1843. Vol. 4 No. 3
  19. The American Agriculturists Almanac 1844
  20. Temperance Lecturer and Almanac of the American Temperance Union 1844
  21. An Astronomical Diary for 1844; The United States Farmer's Almanac, 1844. Vol. 4 no. 4
  22. The American Agriculturists Almanac 1845
  23. Almanac Of The American Temperance Union 1845
  24. An Astronomical Diary for 1845; Spofford's United States Farmer's Almanac 1845. Vol. 4 no. 5
  25. Farmer's Almanac 1845
  26. The Useful Almanac Knowledge For The People by David Young, Philom, 1846
  27. Moffat's Medical and Agricultural Almanack 1846
  28. The Cultivator Almanac 1846
  29. Moffat's Vegetables Life Pills and Phoenix Bitters Sold by Agriculture and Family Almanack 1847
  30. Hutchins' Improved Family Almanac 1847
  31. The People's Illustrated Almanac 1848
  32. The Cultivator Almanac 1848
  33. Marshall's Illustrated Almanac 1887
  34. Moffat's Almanac 1860
  35. The National Temperance Almanac 1869
  36. Steele's Albany Almanac 1839
  37. The Gentleman's Magazine For October 1776
  38. Hutchins Improved: Being an Almanack and Ephemeris of the Motions of the Sun and Moon; The True Places and Aspects of The Planets; The Rising, Setting of the Sun, and the Rising, Setting and Southing of the Moon, 1801
  39. Steele's Albany Almanack 1827
  40. The New York Farmers Almanack 1830
  41. The Christian Almanac, For The United States 1828
  42. Knickerbocker's Almanac 1830
  43. Vol. 2 no. 7, An Astronomical Diary for 1831; Farmers Almanack, For The Middle States, 1831
  44. The Churchman's Almanac For 1832
  45. The Protestant Sabbath Almanack for 1834
  46. The Churchman's Almanac For 1834
  47. The Methodist Almanac, 1834
  48. The Church Almanac For The Year of Our Lord 1871
  49. The Graham Almanac 1834
  50. The Churchman's Almanac for 1839
  51. An Astronomical Diary for 1840. For The Middle States. The Farmer's Almanac 1840. Vol. 3 no. 8
  52. An Astronomical Diary for 1841. The Farmer's Almanac 1841. Vol. 4 no. 1
  53. The Churchman's Almanac for 1838


Andrew Ippolito's personal typed list of the Almanacs

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