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Archives and Special Collections: LIU Archives

Archives and Special Collections is a repository for materials contained in a variety of formats: books, manuscripts, correspondence, journals, photographs, posters, maps, original drawings, theatre programs, archival documents, and other materials.

Archives of LIU Post / Long Island University

The department also is the official repository of archival material of Long Island University, especially LIU Post. It features a complete run of the student newspaper, Pioneer, and the student yearbook, Opticon, as well as LIU Post bulletins and class schedules, and various other documents.

Archive of Alice Scourby, Ph.D.

In 1967, Alice Scourby, Ph.D. joined the C. W. Post academic community. She served as a faculty member and Chair in the Sociology and Anthropology Departments at LIU Post. She was a pioneer who made important contributions to LIU as well as the Greek-American Community. In 1974, she established and became Coordinator of the first program at C. W. Post to offer a minor in Women's Studies. Between 2014-2016, her brother, Alexander Vavoulis, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus in Chemistry, California State University, Fresno generously donated the materials housed in this Archive.

Archive of Bob Brier, Ph.D.

Beginning in 2015, renown Egyptologist Bob Brier, Ph.D. generously donated several boxes of his personal archives to LIU Post's Archives and Special Collections. As of 2017, the LIU Post Archive houses twenty boxes of Bob Brier's archival treasures. For 33 years, Dr. Brier taught Philosophy and Egyptology on the C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University before he was appointed Senior Research Fellow in 2004. Students and colleagues alike, lovingly refer to Bob Brier as Mr. Mummy.

Archive of C. W. Post Horse Shows and Equestrian Life

The Archive of C. W. Post Horse Shows and Equestrian Life consists of items generously donated to LIU Post's Archives and Special Collections in 2014 by Mrs. Sarane Hickox Ross in association with Mrs. Katrina Hickox Matheson Becker. Mrs. Ross and Mrs. Becker are the daughters of Charles V. Hickox whose property, along with the former estates of Marjorie Merriweather Post and W. E. Hutton (Lorber Hall), comprise the grounds of C. W. Post College. Mrs. Becker was President of the C. W. Post 10th Annual Horse Show in 1966. Mrs. Becker served alongside Mrs. Kathleen Merrill, the 10th Annual Horse Show Chairperson, and gave Mrs. Merrill credit as being the "primary force behind the show."

From 1956 to the late sixties, C. W. Post College was one of the three most prominent horse shows sites on Long Island. Contained within the Archive of C. W. Post Horse Shows and Equestrian Life are photographs, press clippings, and other miscellaneous materials that provide a glimpse into how these shows looked, who participated, and how they played a significant role in both Long Island and equestrian history. Besides Hickox and his daughters, other notable people featured in the archive include R. Gordon Hoxie, former C. W. Post Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences and C. W. Post Chancellor from 1964-1968 as well as Edward Francis Cavanagh, Jr., New York City Fire Commissioner from 1954-1961.

Also included in the archive are promotional materials for the LIU Post Equestrian Team. Dr. Joan Digby, LIU Post Professor of English, donated the pamphlet "A Carrot for Your Thoughts," that features writing and art from the Horses in Literature course that was produced as a benefit for the LIU Post Equestrian Team.

Of special note, Mrs. Sarane Hickox Ross also donated many first edition juvenile literature books about horses to the American Juvenile Literature Collection housed in LIU Post's Archives and Special Collections.

Archive of Dan Levin, Ph.D.

Professor Dan Levin was a highly regarded member of the LIU Post Department of English where he taught for more than four decades. This collection of archives and selected books authored by Professor Levin contains the following items: books, manuscripts, stories, poems, research material, notes, correspondence, note books, and note cards. and a few selected facsimile photographs.

Archive of Harvey Wolf Kushner, Ph.D.

Harvey Wolf Kushner, Ph.D. began donating his archival materials in 2015. Dr. Kushner is the Chairman of Criminal Justice Department and a Professor of Criminal Justice at LIU Post, Brookville, New York.  Archives and Special Collections is currently building this collection with on-going donations from Dr. Kushner.

Archive of Joan and John Digby - Private Press Publications

The Archive of Joan and John Digby's Private Press Publications emphasizes collaboration between visuals and textual creativity, with constancy to black and white illustrations, drawings, collages, engravings, and photographs. Illustrated strictly in black-and-white, these booklets are issued in limited editions.

Archive of Landscape Architect Shogo Myaida

Shogo Myaida was a famous landscape artist who worked during the 20th Century. He incorporated his knowledge of European and Japanese gardening traditions into his landscapes. This collection was donated by Shogo Myaida who designed the Japanese Garden at the Hillwood Estate, Museum and Gardens in Washington D.C. for Marjorie Merriweather Post, LIU Post Campus benefactor. This collection contains selections of Shogo Myaida's Original Artworks, Architectural Plans, Biographical Information, Blueprints, Etchings, Miscellaneous Materials, Photographs, and Sketches.

Archive of LIU Post Fraternities and Sororities

Archive of LIU Post - The Little Review

Archive of LIU Post - Long Island University Magazine

Archive of LIU Post - Mixed Media

Archive of LIU Post - Post Haste

Over its lifetime, this publication was produced by the C. W. Post Office of Alumni Affairs, the C. W. Post Center of Long Island University.

Archive of LIU Post - Post Press

The Official Staff and Faculty Newsletter of the LIU Post Campus of Long Island University

Archive of LIU Post's PDK Chapter 1524

"Phi Delta Kappa is the premier professional association for educators with chapters around the world. PDK is dedicated to fostering leadership, research, and service in education. The Long Island University Chapter 1524 was founded on the LIU Post Campus in 1986. It holds free monthly programs open to undergraduate and graduate students, educators, administrators, higher education faculty, and those interested in public education. These meetings include speakers and activities designed to further the aims of PDK and enrich all participants." The Archive of LIU Post's PDK Chapter 1524 includes historical archives dating from 1980's-2016.

Archive of Mary and Buck Lai Personal Family Photo Albums and Scrapbooks

The Archive of Mary and Buck Lai Personal Family Photo Albums and Scrapbooks housed at LIU Post contains 13 Volumes of Lai Family Photo Albums and Scrapbooks carefully compiled by Buck Lai over his lifetime. These archives were painstakingly re-housed to replicate the original organization of Mr. Buck Lai. In 2016, Mrs. Lai again contributed a large number of her honorary professional certificates and awards. She also gave our archive a striking framed collage with many signatures and photographs honoring her 90th birthday.

Archive of Melvin Sylvester

The Archive of Melvin Sylvester contains a collection of diverse materials acquired by Professor Melvin Sylvester during his time as the Head of Periodicals at the LIU Post Library. The collection is divided into two sections. The first section contains various materials related to his role as a librarian and instructor as well as his university and community activities. The second section is an archive of the Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity which he amassed during his time as the faculty advisory of the Theta Kappa Chapter on the LIU Post Campus.

Archive of Milislav Demerec, Ph.D.

The Archive of Milislav Demerec is a photo album originally owned by Demerec's, wife Mary Demerec. This archive contains condolence correspondence from the time of Milislav Demerec's death.

Archive of the LIU Post Office of Campus Life

The LIU Post Office of Campus Life is an invaluable resource for new and existing students. Campus Life has auspices over student Resident Life, Greek Life, and student clubs and organizations. It also serves as liaison to a multitude of Campus Services, such as: the Campus Concierge, Career Services, Enrollment Services, the Book Store, LIU Promise, Learning Support, Veteran and Military Affairs, and the Pratt Center. Archives and Special Collection is pleased to share this selection of materials with students and the campus community for general as well as scholarly research.

Archives of the LIU Post WCWP Radio Station

Art Beltrone, the first Director of the WCWP 88.1 FM Radio Station on the LIU Post campus provided the impetus for Archives and Special Collections to initiate this archive in 2011 with his generous donation of the first WCWP radio broadcast on reel-to-reel tape. This single donation represents the importance of donating materials to an archive. New additions to the collection will continue to help increase the body of knowledge in this area and will create a permanent record that is available electronically to the student, researcher and interested person. We are currently expanding this archive in collaboration with Dan Cox, Director of the WCWP. We welcome single and multiple donations!

  • Career Services' WCWP Web Radio Show: "So You Wanna Job (SYWAJ)" 2005-2007: Finding Aid
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Archives of William E. Hutton II / Joan King Chapin Families

LIU Post has a special relationship with William E. Hutton II and his family. William E. Hutton II was the grandson of financier William E. Hutton and cousin of Marjorie Merriweather Post's second husband, E. F. Hutton. William E. Hutton II married Joan King Chapin in 1938. Joan Chapin was the daughter of Hudson car magnate Roy D. and his wife Inez Chapin of Michigan. William and Joan Hutton lived on a 26 acre estate adjacent to the LIU Post Campus of Long Island University from 1945-1965 at which time LIU purchased their estate. Special Collections is delighted to make this archive accessible for general and research interests.

LIU Post VHS Cassette Tapes

Loomings Art and Literature Magazine

Loomings is a full-color, annual publication that promotes and encourages the creative efforts of the students of LIU Post in the literary and visual arts. It also serves as a training ground for students who might be interested in pursuing careers in editing, publishing, graphic design, advertising, and any other aspect of the collaborative creative process.

William F. Rozea's First Home Run Baseball Hit at LIU Post

In the Spring of 1957, William F. Rozea hit LIU Post's first home run during a game with Adelphi College. In 2018, Mr. Rozea donated that baseball - signed by the team - to Archives and Special Collections.

Archive of David J. Steinberg

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Additional LIU Archives

  • Commemorative Plaques
  • Environmental Articles and News Reports
  • Life Magazine Listing
  • LIU Post Banners
  • Tilles Center Playbills


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Assorted C. W. Post Buttons

A collection of past LIU Post buttons
An assorted collection of C. W. Post buttons.
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