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Archives and Special Collections: Archive of Jude and John Lubrano: Sheet Music Circa 1820-1920

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Archive of Jude and John Lubrano: Sheet Music Circa 1820-1920

Archive of Jude and John Lubrano: Sheet Music Circa 1820-1920
Archive of Jude and John Lubrano: Sheet Music Circa 1820-1920
Archive of Jude and John Lubrano: Sheet Music Circa 1820-1920
Archive of Jude and John Lubrano: Sheet Music Circa 1820-1920

Archive of Jude and John Lubrano: Sheet Music Circa 1820-1920

Part of the Howard P. Gordon History of Opera and Musical Theatre Collection, the Archive of Jude and John Lubrano: Sheet Music Circa 1820-1920 consists of more than 2,000 rare music sheets composed and produced in Europe between 1820-1920. This generous donation was gifted to Archives and Special Collections in 2018 by renowned rare music sellers Jude and John Lubrano.

Lauren Danetra, Editor
Lalit Sri Sai Lingam, Compiler
Milankumar Patel, Compiler

Digital Images

The digital images of selected music sheet front covers on display here are from the music sheets housed in Box 1. This archive consists of more than ten boxes and is available for general viewing and research purposes in the Reading Room in Archives and Special Collections.

94er Regimentsmarsch. Fur Pianoforte op. 33All In A Garden Fair Waltz. Otto RoederAngels Everbright  and Fair. Air For Soprano from Handels' TheodoraBebé SEndort Chansonnette. Pol RoskoffBirds Nest Polka. William SmallwoodComo Me Voglio Fa ' Na Casa. Charles D'AlbertCould We Recall Words and Music by Harry DacreFaust Valse Diabolique. Charles D'AlbertHearts-Ease Valse a La Tyrolienne. Carl Faust of BreslauJack O'Lantern Moon. Julian Eltinge,  Percy WenrichMiss Esmeralda. Waltz. W. Meyer LutzUeberbrettl-Rheinländer. Papa-Mama. Max GraetzerThe Pet of the Village. Polka W. SmallwoodThe Rosebud Schottische by Frank PercivalWenn die Blatter leise rauschen Walzerlied fur eine Singstimme mit PianofortebegleitungThe Death of Cock Robin. J. Guest

Finding Aid: Selected Music Sheets

Lauren Danetra, Editor. Prepared by Lalit Sri Sai Lingam, MS. Biomedical Science, and Milankumar Patel, MS. Biomedical Science.

Accession No. Item No. Date Title Location
AR HPG 1 1.0 [ca. 1846] Kronin, Herr J. "Ethiopian Quadrilles for the Piano Forte." No. 1, Solo. No. 2 Duet. Arranged by Herr J. Kronin, London: D'Almaine & Co. [ca. 1846]. Box 1
AR HPG 2 2.0 [ca .1880] Von Matys, Joseph. "94er Regiments Marsch": für pianoforte, Op. 33. Bellmann & Thümer, Dresden [ca. 1880]. 1 page-Front/Back. (possible pages missing). Box 1
AR HPG 3 3.0 [ca .1897] Lincke, Paul. Chatau, Henri-Repertoir Von Paula Menotti (gen. "Die Giegerlkonigin"). #2. "Beim Souper". Paul Fischer. Paris: Delormel & Co, [ca .1897]. Box 1
AE HPG 4 4.0 [ca. 1900] Lincke, Paul. Repertoir Von Paula Menotti (gen. "Die Giegerlkonigin"). #4. "Reise-Abenteuer! : (Ach du lieber Schaffner!)". Fischer, Paul: Paris: Delormel & Co. [ca. 1900]. Box 1
AE HPG 5 5.0 1899 Dacre, Harry. "Could We Recall." Words & Music by Harry Dacre. London: Frank Dean & Co. [1899]. Box 1
AE HPG 6 6.0 1897 Von Lincke, Paul. Wellmann, Otto: "Wenn die Blätter Leise Rauschen." Walzerlied für eine Singstimme mit Pianofortebegleitung, Op. 198. Berlin: Julius Jäger. [1897]. Box 1
AE HPG 7 7.0 [1878] Percival, Frank. "."Rose Bud Schottische (Polka). London: Ashdown & Parry, [1878]. Box 1
AE HPG 8 8.0 [bet. 1887 and 1897] Roeder, Otto. Watson Michael. "All in a Garden Fair": waltz on Michael Watson’s Popular Song by Otto Roeder. London: Enoch & Sons, [between 1887 & 1897]. Box 1
AE HPG 9 9.0 [1864] Smallwood, William. "The Pet of the Village." (Polka). Compiled by W. Smallwood. London: Edwin Ashdown. [1864] Box 1
AE HPG 10 10.0 [1865] Smallwood, William. 'Prince Alfred's March." Composed by Wm. Smallwood. London: Edwin Ashdown. [1865] Box 1
AE HPG 11 11.0 [1866] Smallwood, William. "The Maiden’s Blush." Waltzes Composed by W. Smallwood. London: B. Williams. [1866] Box 1
AE HPG 12 12.0 {1888?] Lutz, W. Meyer. "Miss Esmeralda. On Melodies in the Gaiety Burlesque." (Waltz). By W. Meyer Lutz. London: C. Jeffreys [1888?]. Box 1
AE HPG 13 13.0 [ca. 1890] Lorens, Carl. Liebeszauber oder "Die Liebe ist so schön." Marschlied. op. 61. Text and music by Carl Lorens. Leipzig: Adolf Robitschek. [[ca. 1890]. Box 1
AE HPG 14 14.0 [1862] Smallwood, William. "The Bird's Nest Polka." Composed by W. Smallwood. London: B. Williams. [1862]. Box 1
AE HPG 15 15.0 [1877 / 1888] Blockley, John; Langford, George Washington. "Speak Gently." Companion to the Much Admired Ballad "Hearts & Homes." Composed by John Blockley. London: Addison & Co. Published by John Blockley [1877/1888]. Box 1
AE HPG 16 16.0 [1912] Beyer, Ferdinand. Collection de Chants Patriotiques Pour le Piano Par Ferdinand Beyer. ((Vaterlandslieder). "Grece." Mainz: B. Schott's Söhne. [1912]. Box 1
AE HPG 17 17.0 [ca. 1893-1901] Van Biene, Auguste. "The Broken Melody." No. 10. London: Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew, Ltd. [ca. 1893-1901] Box 1
AE HPG 18 18.0 [1897] Hesse, Edward, Composer. "Cassandra. Waltz." London: Reynolds & Co. [1897]. Box 1
AE HPG 19 19.0 nd [c. 1905] Ziehrer, Carl Michael. "Natursänger!." Walzer [by] C. M. Ziehrer. Op. 415… für Pianoforte `a 2 ms. Wein/Leipzig: Gustav Lewy. nd [ca. 1905?] Box 1
AE HPG 20 20.0 [1857] Pridham, John. "The Battle March of Delhi." Arranged for the Pianoforte. London: Brewer & Co. [1857]. 2 copies. Box 1
AE HPG 21 21.0 [nd] Guest, J. "Who Killed Cock Robin." London: Hart & Co. [nd]. Box 1
AE HPG 22 22.0 [1852 -1856?] D' Albert, Charles Louis Napoleon. "Como. A Set of Quadrilles." London: Chappell. [1852-1856?]. Box 1
AE HPG 23 23.0 [between 1865-1871] Godfrey, D. Valzer Della Guardia (The Guard’s Waltz). "Perche Non Vieni Ancora?" Translated by E. Bevignani. Milano: Tito di G. Ricordi, [between 1865-1871]. Box 1
AE HPG 24 24.0 1857 Imhof, Daniel. "La Belle Vue Schottische." Composed and Dedicated to Mrs. Newport. Euterpeon Rooms, London: Imhof & Mukle [1857]. Box 1
AE HPG 25 25.0 [1865?] D'Albert, Charles. "Faust." Valse a Deux Temps by Charles D'Albert: "Valse [Waltz] Diabolique". London: Chappell, [1865?]. Box 1
AE HPG 26 26.0 [1878] Schmidt, Oscar. "Gavotte Pastorale" Pour Piano. Op. 33. Mayence: Les Fils De B. Schott. London: Schott & Co. Paris: Maison Schott. [1878]. Box 1
AE HPG 27 27.0 [1877] Leybach, J. "Lucie de Lammermoor. Op. 183. Fantasie Brillante." Mayence: Chez Les Fils De B. Schott. London: Schott & Co., Brussels: Schott Freres. [1877]. Box 1
AE HPG 28 28.0 [1861] Faust, Carl. "Heart's-Ease, Valse `A La Tyrolienne." London: Robert Cocks & Co. [1861]. Box 1
AE HPG 29 29.0 [ca. 1920] Grätzer, Max von. Ueberbrettl-Rheinländer. "Papa-Mama." Berlin: Paul Fischer. [ca. 1920] Box 1
AE HPG 30 30.0 [ca. 1900] Küchenmeister, Adolf. "Duftende Blumen: Quadrille über beliebtesten Opernmelodieen fur pianoforte, Op. 32. Berlin: S. Philipp & Sohn. [ca. 1900] Box 1
AE HPG 31 31.0 [ca. 1898-1900] Udall, Lyn. Girl-Walzer. Mit Benützung Des Populären Liedes "Du mein Girl". Wien: Josef Weinberger. [ca. 1898-1900]. Box 1
AE HPG 32 32.0 [nd] Schulhoff, Jules. "Six Morceaux de Musique Intime Pour Piano." Op. 53. 2me: Cahier: 4 Tendresses. Mayence: Les fils de B. Schott. Box 1
AE HPG 33 33.0 1897 Heins, Carl von. Zwei dunkle Augen (Two dark eyes, sparkling). (Worte von Paul Grofsmann). Lied-Rondo fur eine Singstimme mit Begleitung des Pianoforte. Op. 212. English words by O. B. Boise. Boston: The B. F. Wood Music Co./ Berlin: O. Ander Michaelbrucke, 1897. Box 1
AE HPG 34 34.0 [1900?] Willibald, A. Opern Gallerie Kleine Fantasien in Form von Potpourries für das Piano./Calerie des Operas Petites Fantaisies en Forme de Potpourris pour le Piano. Op. 40. "Wilhelm Tell" von Gioacchino Rossini. New York: Jule Schuberth. Leipzig: Ed Schmidt. [1900?]. Box 1
AE HPG 35 35.0 1865 Cherry, J. W. and W. B. B. Stevens. "And Wilt Thou be My Wife", 'he said'." Written by W. B. B. Stevens. Composed expressly for the English- Woman's Domestic Magazine. London: S.O. Beeton. [1865]. (Presented with The Englishwoman's Domestic Magazine). Box 1
AE HPG 36 36.0 1893 Trot`ere, H. and Clifton Bingham. "Asthore." Song and Words By Clifton Bingham. Music by H. Trotere. London: J.B. Cramer & Co./New York: Novello, Ewer & Co. (c1893 by J. B. Cramer & Co.). Box 1
AE HPG 37 37.0 [18??] Hall, Foley and George Linley. "Ever of Thee." Ballad words by George Linley. Music by Foley Hall. London: W. Paxton [18??]. [Ballad] "With Tonic Sol-Fa Arrangement]. Box 1
AE HPG 38 38.0 [1909?] Handel, George Frideric. "Angels, ever bright and Fair." Air for Soprano from Handel's Theodora. Voice Part in Staff & Sol-fa Notation. London: Bayley & Ferguson. [1909?]. Box 1
AE HPG 39 39.0 [nd] Giese, Theodor. "Erinnerung an die schweiz." fur das Pianoforte. Op. 195. No. 2. Zurich: Bremen, Praeger & Meier/ New York: G. Schirmer, Carl Heuser [nd] Box 1
AE HPG 40 40.0 [c. 1913] Wenrich, Percy, Composer. "Jack O'Lantern Moon." Lyrics by Julian Eltinge and Jack Mahoney. A. H. Woods Presents Julian Eltinge in "The Fascinating Widow." New York: Wenrich-Howard Co. [c. 1913]. Box 1
AE HPG 41 41.0 [nd] Meyerbeer, G. Grosser Indischer Marsch aus der Oper "Die Afrikanerin." No. 14. Berlin & Posen: Ed. Bote & G Bock. London, Roosey & Chappel, [nd]. Box 1
AE HPG 42 42.0 [nd] Burgmüller, Friedrich. "Petits Airs faciles" Pour le Piano, sur les thèmes des meilleurs auteurs, suivis de 6 préludes. For Friedrich Burgmüller. Paris: J. Delahaute/London: B. Cocks & Co. [nd] Box 1
AE HPG 43 43.0 [ca. 1850] D'Albert, Charles: "The Coquette Polka" [P.F.]. London: Chappell, [ca. 1850]. Box 1
AE HPG 44 44.0 [ca. 1850] Balfe, M.W. "The Heart Bow'd Down" Ballad [from the opera "The Bohemian Girl."], Covent Garden, London: W. Goodwin [ca. 1850]. Box 1
AE HPG 45 45.0 [1885] Roskoff, Pol; de Monlun, F.: "Bébé S'Endort" Chansonnette. Parole de F. de Monlun. Musique de Pol Roskoff. Mayence: B. Schott's Sohne, [1885]. Box 1
AE HPG 46 46.0 [1885] Lantann, C. "Herz an Herz" Pizzicato-Gavotte. Op. 222 fur piano. Hannover: Louis Oertel, Musikverlag, [1885]. Box 1
AE HPG 47 47.0 [1884] Spindler, Fritz. Tiroler Alpenlieder fur Pianoforte. No. 2 frei ubertragen von Fritz Spindler. Op. 345. "Auf der Alm, da giebt's koa Sund". Hamburg/Kiel: Hugo Thiemer. Leipzig: R. Forberg. [1884]. Box 1
AE HPG 48 48.0 [1904] Smith, Sydney. "Lily of the Valley." Mazurka for the pianoforte. Op. 14. London: Augener & Co., [1904]. [Missing page 86 (second page)] . Box 1
AE HPG 49 49.0 [ca. 1890] Ziehrer, C.M.: "In laushiger Nacht." Walzer aus der Operette "Die Landstreicher." Op. 488. Wien: Ludwig Doblinger, [ca. 1890]. Box 1

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