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Instructional Media Center: eBooks and Interactive eBooks


The gingerbread man -- Kimmel (Live Oak eReadalong)

Grandma's tiny house : a counting story -- Brown-Wood (Live Oak Media eReadalong)

On bird hill -- Yolen (Live Oak Media eReadalong)

The magic of letters -- Johnston  (Live Oak Media eReadalong)

The night before Christmas -- Moore (Live Oak eReadalong)

The pumpkin book -- Gibbons (Live Oak eReadalong)


Pope Francis (Interactive/Rosen)

Ruth Bader Ginsburg  (Interactive/Rosen)

Serena Williams (Interactive/Rosen)

Literature/Trade Books

A full moon is rising -- Singer (Live Oak eReadalong)

Acting with awareness : respect for others -- Idzikowski (Interactive/Rosen)

Adapting to Climate Change (Interactive/Rosen)

Artificial Intelligence (Interactive/Rosen)

Be a Virus Warrior! A Kid's Guide to Keeping Safe -- Macgregor (eBook/Rosen)

Happy endings : a story about suffixes -- Pulver (Live Oak eReadalong)

Jazz -- Myers (Live Oak eReadalong)

Journalism: The Need for a Free Press  (Interactive/Rosen)

Making it happen -- Arrow (Capstone)

Medical Treatments (Interactive/Rosen)

Nouns and verbs have a field day -- Pulver (Live Oak eReadalong)

Silent letters loud and clear -- Pulver (Live Oak eReadalong)

Taking a spin -- Arrow (Capstone)

Teen Activists (Interactive/Rosen)

The basics of game design -- Schwartz (Interactive/Capstone)

The days of the week -- Berne (Capstone)

Vaping: Big Business  (Interactive/Rosen)

eBook/Interactive eBook Sets A - N

Alike and Different (Cloverleaf Books/Lerner)

Hooray for community helpers! (Bumba Books/Lerner)

It's a Holiday! (Bumba Books/Lerner)

My Reading Neighborhood: Kindergarten Sight Word Stories (Lerner)

My Reading Neighborhood: First Grade Sight Word Stories (Lerner)

Nature's Patterns (Cloverleaf Books/Lerner)

eBook/Interactive eBook Sets O - Z

Picture book biography (Live Oak eReadalong Books/Lerner)

Space Mysteries (Garth Stevens/Rosen)

  Spotlight on Immigration and Migration (Rosen)

Spotlight on Physical Science (Rosen)

Words are categorical (Audisee Books/Lerner)