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Instructional Media Center: Mildred L. Batchelder Award



"This award, established in Mildred L. Batchelder's honor in 1966, is a citation awarded to an American publisher for a children's book considered to be the most outstanding of those books originally published in a foreign language in a foreign country, and subsequently translated into English and published in the United States."  -- American Library Association

Award Winners

2017: Cry, heart, but never break -- Ringtved 155.937 R475c

2016: The Wonderful Fluffy Little Squishy -- Alemagna E A124w

2015: Mikis and the donkey -- Dumon Tak  F D896m  

2014: Mister Orange -- Matti F M434m  

2012: Soldier Bear -- Dumon Tak F D896s

2011: A time of miracles -- Bondoux F B64to

2010: A faraway island -- Thor F T39f

2009: Moribito : guardian of the spirit -- Uehashi F Ue3m

2007: The pull of the  ocean --   Mourlevat F M866p

1999: Thanks to my mother -- Rabinovici B R112t

1997: The friends -- Yumoto F Y92f

1995: The boys from St. Petri -- Reuter F R319b


1989: Crutches -- Härtling  F H255c

1987: No hero for the Kaiser -- Frank  F F852n

1986: Rose Blance -- Innocenti E In65r

1985: The island of the bird street -- Orlev  F Or4i

1984: Ronia, the robber's daughter -- Lindgren F L644r

1981: The winter when time was frozen -- Pelgrom F P363wR


1976: The cat and mouse who shared a house -- Hürlimann 398.43 H939c

1975: An old tale carved out of stone -- Linevskii F L6462o

1970: Wildcat under glass -- Zei F Z34w

1969: Don't take Teddy -- Friis-Baastad  F B112d

1968: The little man -- Kästner F K115l

Award Honor Winners

2017:  Over the ocean -- Gomi E G5865o

           As time went by --   On Order

           The ballad of a broken nose -- Svingen F Sv36b

2016: Adam & Thomas -- Apelfeld F Ap48a   

          Grandma lives in a perfume village -- Fang  E Su98g

2015: Hidden : a child's story of the Holocaust -- Dauvillier 940.53 D269h  

          Nine open arms -- Lindelauf F L641n

2014: The bathing costume or the worst vacation of my life -- Moundlic 

My father's arms are a boat -- Lunde

The war within these walls -- Sax

2013: A game for swallows: to die, to leave, to return -- Abirached 741.5 Ab59g

Son of a gun -- de Graaf

2012: The lilly pond -- Thor F T39l

2011: Departure time -- Truus F M434d  

          Nothing -- Teller F T238n

2010: Eidi -- Bredsdorff F B744e

          Big wolf and little wolf -- Brun-Cosme E B833b

          Moribito II : Guardian of the Darkness -- Uehashi F Ue3mg  

2009: Garmann's summer -- Hole E H69g

          Tiger Moon -- Michaelis  F M5818t 

2008: The cat: or, how I lost eternity -- Richter

Nicholas and the gang -- Rene Goscinny

2007: The killer's tears -- Bondoux F B64k

          The last dragon -- De Mari F D391l

2006: Nicholas -- Rene Goscinny

When I was a soldier -- Zenatti

2005:The Crow-girl: the children of Crow Cove -- Bredsdorff F B744c

Daniel half human and the good nazi --Chotjewitz

2004: The man who went to the far side of the moon: the story of Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins -- Schyffert

2003: Henrietta and the golden eggs -- Johansen

2002: A book of coupons -- Morgenstern

2001: Ultimate game -- Lehman

2000: Collector of moments -- Buchholz

Vendela in Venice -- Bjork

Asphalt angels -- Holtwijk

1999: Secret letters from 0 to 10 -- Morgenstern F M824si

1998: Hostage to war: a true story -- Wassiljewa

Nero Corleone: a cat's story -- Heidenrich


1996: Damned strong love: the true story of Willi G. and Stephan K. -- Van Dijk

Star of fear, star of hope -- Hoestandlt

1995: Sister Shako and Kolo the goat: memories of my childhood in Turkey -- Dalokay

1994: The princess in the kitchen garden -- Heymans

Anne Frank beyond the diary: a photographic remembrance -- Verhoeven B F852V