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Common Read 2017-2018- Look Me in the Eye: My Life with Asperger's by John Elder Robison: Home

Compiled by Maria Zarycky, Librarian, Instructional Media Center

The Common Read 2017- 2018 Selection

In His Own Words


Author John Elder Robison-Clarkson University

The Smoking Guitar- Ace Frehley of KISS

Common Read

The Common Read is part of a series of first-year experiences designed to encourage students to make connections with each other and engage with the LIU Post campus community. The Common Read book is chosen by a committee comprised of faculty, administrators, staff, and students, and is part of the curriculum of College 101, a 13-week, one-credit course with an academic focus designed to assist first-year students in making the transition to college life. All incoming freshman will receive a copy of the book at orientation.

Each academic year the Common Read Committee chooses a work of fiction or non-fiction that:

• Addresses aspects of the human condition or experience in a way that encourages intellectual and emotional growth.
• Raises intercultural knowledge and tolerance by presenting a variety of cultural perspectives or contemporary social issues in a     way that is accessible to a diverse population of readers.
• Contains content and/or themes that encourage critical thinking.
• Captures the imagination of first-year students and draws them into reading and self-reflection.
• Introduces students to academic expectations and provides a model of serious intellectual engagement.

The Common Read Committee 2016- 2017

Janessa Barrett, Success Coach

Kaity Bathrick, Success Coach and PAS Coordinator

Michael Berthel, Director of Student Life

Tejas Bouklas, Assistant Professor of Biomedical Sciences

Noreen Brittenham, Director of Administration, Management

Cara Caporale, Associate Director of LIU Promise

Rachel Cloward, Assistant Professor of Health Sciences

Ramira Corbetta, Director, Digital Game Design and Development

Manoj Dalvi, Professor of Finance

Abby Dress, Associate Professor of Public Relations

Michele Dornisch, Professor of Education

Nancy Frye, Chair and Professor of Psychology

Martin Guillet, Associate Director of Recreation – Pratt Center

Pam Gustafson, Assistant Director, Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program

Michael Harrington, University Director of Arts Advancement

Alex Henderson, Assistant Professor of Health Care and Public Administration

Carol Hernandez, Junior Instructional Designer    

Michael Hogan, Director of Clinical Education & Professional Certifications

Lori Knapp, Vice President for Academic Affairs 

Kathleen Kumpas, Student – B.S. Adolescent Ed. - Social Studies

Melissa Labos, Medical Imaging

Roberta Levitt, Associate Professor of Special Education

Eric Lichten, Chair and Professor of Sociology

John Lutz, Chair and Professor of English

Lauren Mayor, Assistant Professor of Marketing

Dante Moratto, Adjunct Professor of  Media Arts

Lauren Mullins, Assistant Professor of Health Care and Public Administration

Arlene Peltola, Assistant Professor of Public Relations

Mary Pigliacelli, Director of the Writing Center

Lou Pisha, Associate Professor, Library

Valerie Pye, Assistant Professor of Theater

Paul Rapess, Director of Public Safety

Debra Anwar Riad, Adjunct Professor of English

Ed Raven, Adjunct Professor of Health Sciences

Susan Rock, Adjunct Professor of English

Lauren Sassenoff, Adjunct Professor of English

Kay Sato, Director of Hutton House Lectures

Adam Savran, Adjunct Professor of English

Lynne Schwartz, Director, Center for Healthy Living

Matthew Shortis, Adjunct Professor of Media Arts

Jeannie Smith, Associate Dean of Students

Dulcie Stoepker, Adjunct Professor of English

Suzanne Thomas, Director of Medical Imaging

Colby Valentine, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

Robert Valli, Dean of Management

Abby Van Vlerah, Dean of Students

Linda Vila, Assistant Professor of Health Care and Public Administration

Greg Wagner, Senior Associate for Graduate Recruitment

Robert Wildman, Assistant Professor of Arts Management

Wendy Williams, Instructional Design

Maria Zarycky, Associate Professor, Library

Cheng Zhang, Assistant Professor of Chemistry