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Dissertation & Thesis Publishing: Dissertation/Thesis Binding

Binding Options

With the advancement of digital preservation methods, LIU Post library will transition to e-platforms services for thesis and dissertations at the beginning of FALL 2023 semester.

If you wish to bind your dissertation/thesis prior to Fall 2023, please contact Dean’s office via email

As of the beginning Fall 2023 semester, LIU Post students will have following options:

  1. Submission of thesis/dissertation to open access Digital Commons@LIU institutional repository – free service provided by LIU Post library. The PDF file of the work will be available for download.
  2. Submission to ProQuest database with an option of binding. The binding service is provided by ProQuest Dissertations and Theses database
  3. Submission to both – Digital Commons@LIU repository and ProQuest (with or without binding option by ProQuest Dissertations and Theses database)


Please follow the link if you chose to bind your dissertation/thesis starting FALL 2023