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How To Publish Your Dissertation or Thesis Online and/or in Digital Commons@LIU repository

You have three options for publishing your dissertation or thesis online:

  1. Publish your dissertation or thesis in Digital Commons @ LIU - our Institutional Respository
  2. Publish your dissertation or thesis with Proquest/UMI Digital Dissertation Publishing (EDT Administrator)
  3. Publish your dissertation or thesis in BOTH of the above.


Proquest/UMI Digital Dissertation & Thesis Publishing

The library provides access to an online dissertation or thesis publishing platform through Proquest/UMI Digital Dissertation & Thesis Publishing.  When you publish your dissertation or thesis online using this service it will be available in the Proquest Dissertation & Theses Global database and in Dissertations & Theses @ LIU database.  These databases can also be found on our library online databases page.  The links are provided below for your convenience. You may submit your dissertation or thesis once you have permission from your department to do so.

 You can go to the LIU dedicated “ETD Administrator” website at:

On this page you will find links to information about publishing your dissertation or thesis online.  You are encouraged to read all of the provided information under the “Resources and Guidelines” tab so that you have a full understanding of the process and of your rights as an author. 

If you have not already done so you will first need to create an account by clicking on the "Sign up and get started today!" button. Once you have logged in and are ready to publish, you will be asked several questions during the process concerning copyright protection, open access publishing, and if you wish to delay (embargo) the publication of your dissertation or thesis.   The “traditional” publishing option is free of cost.  If you choose additional options you can pay online with a credit card. The online resources provided should answer your questions. 

You will be asked for your "Institutional Student ID" number during the process.  This is not your University login.  Your Institutional Student ID number can be found within your "My LIU" account or by contacting your academic department.

During the process you can also choose to order one or several personal print copies. These would be in addition to the bound copies you may have already ordered through the library if your department requires this. This online publishing service for digital dissertations and the bound dissertations oe thesis service in the library are separate programs. Please contact the Dean's office (516-299-2764) concerning ordering print copies of a dissertation through the library.

Once you submit your dissertation, the ETD Administrator will review your submission for formatting and other quality control issues.  The final submittal to the Proquest Dissertation & Theses Full-text database will take place after your graduation.

You must follow the formatting guidelines as stipulated by your department.   It is particularly important that you follow the correct format on the title page so that your dissertation or thesis can be indexed correctly. For security reasons, do not include a page containing personal signatures.  Please remove the page or submit a replacement page without the signatures.  Proquest has advised not to include signatures.   If you include signatures in the document, you will need to resubmit and the publication of your dissertation or thesis will be delayed.

The Proquest publishing process can take up to 8 to 12 weeks to complete.  You will receive an email from Proquest when your dissertation or thesis is published in the databases.

If you still have questions concerning this program you can contact the ETD administrator, professor Natalia Tomlin (

In addition to submitting your dissertation or thesis to the ProQuest EDT Administrator, you can also submit your dissertation to the LIU Institutional Repository Digital Commons@LIU.  You do not need to submit your dissertation or thesis to the Digital Commons separately. During the submission process to ProQuest, you will be asked to indicate if you want your work to be in the Digital Commons @LIU repository as well. If you chose so, we will upload your work in the repository on your behalf.



Dear  Student,

We would like to invite you to submit your dissertation or thesis (free of charge) to our Digital Commons @LIU open access Institutional Repository.

Your submission to Digital Commons (should you chose to submit) would be in addition to submitting the dissertation or thesis to ProQuest. The advantage is broader dissemination of your scholarship. PLEASE NOTE that if you already indicated that you wish your work to be submitted into repository during ProQuest submission process, you don't need to do the steps outlined below. However, if you did not submit the work to ProQuest, OR you forgot to indicate that you wish your work to be in our repository, please follow the procedure "How to submit your thesis/dissertations to Digital Commons@LIU"


How to submit your thesis/dissertations to Digital Commons@LIU:

  •  sign the submission agreement (electronic signature is fine) and scan it.
  • email scanned permission and the copy of your thesis/dissertation to Please note that your paper can be in either World Document or PDF format. The front page has to be free of signatures.
  • The library will upload your dissertation or thesis once/if your agreement is received.

Once your dissertation or thesis is posted:

  • Once your work is uploaded, the system will automatically create an account for you in BePress. The account will use email address that you supplied during submission. Bepress is the name of platform that hosts our repository. You can log into the system and create/change your password. To do so, log into the site via "My Account" link (you will need to use email address that your supplied during submission process). Click on the "Edit Profile" option from "My Account" page and update email.
  • your dissertation or thesis is periodically featured as a Paper of the Day
  • you receive URL “for life’ that you can include in social media sites, digital portfolio, blackboard etc.
  • you also receive monthly report if your research is downloaded during specific month period
  • you have access to personal author dashboard that shows the location in the world where your work is read and downloaded as well as by what kind of organizations (educational, commercial etc.)
  • your work is disseminated world-wide
  • potential for increased Google citation statistics 

ETD WorkFlow


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