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Scholarly Publishing Resources for Faculty: Cabell's (Journal Acceptance Rate)

What are Journal Acceptance Rates?

The Journal Acceptance Rate is the percentage of the manuscripts accepted for publication by a particular scholarly journal.

Cabell's Metrics: An Introduction

Cabell's updates

Cabell's has released a new upgraded interface to their product.  The site now incorporates both Journal Citation Reports (impact Factor)  and Altmetric Reports (online metrics).

How To Find Acceptance Rates

There are three ways to find the Journal Acceptance Rate:  If your journal of interest is not included in Cabell's then you can try the other options.  To find the contact information for a publication you can use Ulrich's Global Series Directory

  1. Use Cabell's Directory of Publishing Opportunities
  2. Searching the journal's website to see if they list the acceptance rate
  3. Contacting the journal's editor directly

Cabell's Metrics

CCI (Cabell's Classification Index)dex)

DA (Difficulty of Acceptance)

IPA (Institutional Publishing Activity)