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Shakespeare Forever: Home




Shakespeare is the true multicultural author. He exists in all languages. He is put on the stage everywhere. Everyone feels they are represented on stage by him

Harold Bloom, Shakespeare scholar and critic


Long Island University (LIU Post) is honored to be a part of the 400th-year global celebration of Shakespeare - a fitting tribute to the genius of this dramatist and poet. Shakespeare is as relevant today as ever; he speaks for all humanity and nations. Indeed, he teaches us what it means to be human. His unforgettable characters, intriguing plots, startling eloquence, and ability to express the deepest emotions in enduring language promise to have an enduring effect on theatergoers and readers. Many of the phrases Shakespeare popularized are still part of our conversation today, as he continues to influence not only how we think of ourselves and others, but the very language we use to do so. The 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death provides an appropriate occasion to celebrate his continual rebirth in the arts.

We at Long Island University have been inspired to create an understanding and appreciation of his work and share this with a larger audience.

The exhibits and programs have been made possible through the support of:    

John P. McGrath Fund

          The Dorothy Dayton Sorzano Theatre Library







Created by Professor Susan Ketcham