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Creating LibGuides: A Guide for Palmer School Students: Home


Are you a Palmer student looking to create a LibGuide?  If you are enrolled in a Palmer School course where your professor would like you to create a LibGuide, your professor will have an account established for you.  You can use this LibGuide for help managing your account and creating content.

LIU Palmer School of Library and Information Services

Palmer School Libguides

Click on the link above to go to the Palmer School Libguide home page. To logon, look for  Login to LibApps which is at the bottom of the page.


Don't set your LibGuide status to Private!  If you do it will not appear on the Palmer Library School group page.

If you have checked Draft Mode while creating a box, it will be hidden from public view. Make the box "live" by unchecking this option when you are ready to have others review your work.

Don't use Access Restrictions to Password Protect your LibGuide or your professor and others will not be able to review it.

Boxes added to an already published guide will remain hidden until submitted for review.  You will need to submit your guide for review again to make them public.

Logging In for the First Time and Creating your LibGuide


You should receive an email welcoming you to LibGuides and letting you know you have an account.  You can use the link in that email to log-in to LibGuides.  You create your own password.  (Your usual password for LIU databases will not automatically work unless you set it up your new LibGuide account that way.)  If you forgot your password or misplaced the initial email from LibGuides, just click on Reset Password under the blue Login bar.  (Don't forget to check your spam folder if you don't see the welcoming emails!)

Once you have your account set up you can always log-in again by clicking on the link located at the bottom of the Palmer LibGuide Webpage.

Creating your LibGuide

Start from the LibGuides Dashboard (It's under Home then LibGuides if you are not automatically taken to the LibGuides Dashboard).

Click on the shortcut labeled + Create Guide (near the bottom of the page.)  That will open a new page titled Create Guide where you begin to set-up your LibGuide.

The first box on this Create Guide page asks you to Choose Layout or Reuse -- choose Start Fresh. Guide Name is the next field you need to complete.  Select your own name for your LibGuide. Next you will choose the Guide Type.  Group Assignment has a default setting. Password -- skip this set. Share Guide Content is the last filed you need to complete. Click on the information icon for more information on each of the choices.

  After that you can click on the blue button for Create Guide.  That will open a template where you can begin to create your LibGuide.

Editing Your LibGuide

Publishing your Guide

When you are ready to publish your LibGuide click on Submit for Review on the status bar in the upper right corner.

Once your LibGuide is published it will appear on this page

Remember this is an internal group so you must be logged-in to view the group page.

You can edit the URL of your LibGuide to create a Friendly URL.


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