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Speeches & Speech Writing (ORC 1 and ORC 17): Home

This guide is designed to help you find sources to help you prepare an informative speech.

The Basics -- Your Assignment and the Types of Speeches

Your assignment is to prepare and deliver an informative speech and an accompanying PowerPoint. All of the specifics about this assignment are found on the syllabus that corresponds to your class and are located down below.   

Note: You will need the password to open your appropriate syllabus. Consult your professor if you do not have this information.

Informative speeches focus on educating an audience about a topic. They typically center on people, events, processes, places, or things. 

For a more complete discussion on informative speeches and tips on how to prepare and deliver one consult the University of Pittsburg's Department of Communication website.

Persuasive public speaking is the type of speaking that we all are most likely to engage in. This type of speech involves everything from arguing about who the most talented individual on a sports team is -- to talking about what movie you would like to see.  

For more information on persuasive speech writing see the University of Pittsburg's Department of Communication website. 

Special occasion speeches are prepared and delivered at ceremonies that typically commemorate a special occasion like honoring an award recipient, marking a special event or date, or celebrating the accomplishments of an individual, group or institution.  

For more detailed information on delivering a special occasion speech please visit the University of Pittsburg's Department of Communications webpage