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Copyright Resources: Creative Commons

The purpose of this Guide is to provide resources that assist students and faculty in understanding the basics of copyright and the general ways to avoid infringement.

Definition: Creative Commons

Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization that facilitates the decision of authors to give the public permission to share and use their works.  Creative Commons enables "the sharing and use of creativity and knowledge through free legal tools".

There are six different types of Creative Commons licenses.  The licenses are an alternative to the default "all rights reserved" copyright restrictions which apply automatically at the moment of a work's creation, by allowing authors to apply "some rights reserved" coverage.

For a description of each license type and the terms and conditions of permissible usage, visit

Media Sites Filtered by CC License

The following sites contain media (videos, photos, etc.) that are covered under Creative Commons license. 

Simply search for resource and review the Creative Commons license within context with your usage needs.

Creative Commons Infographic

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Search Creative Commons

To search for works under Creative Commons licensing click below:

Creative Commons video Wanna Work Together?