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About BrowZine

What is BrowZine?

BrowZine is a free app that lets you read over 11,000 of the library's current online journals on your tablet or smartphone. You can browse journals by subject or by title, create a personal library, save articles, and more.  BrowZine contains current runs of journals and may not have access to the back files of certain journals.  For a complete list of our journal holdings use the "Journal Finder."


What BrowZine doesn't do

BrowZine does not replace using other library resources such as our online databases to complete your research. BrowZine is an app to help you keep current with your favorite journals. For conducting more in depth research please visit your library homepage at  The content in Browzine is a sub collection of the complete collection of full text journals that the library has access to.  For the complete listing of the full text, print and microform that the library has please use the "Journal Finder."


Can I use BrowZine off-campus?

Yes. After you download the app and enter your LIU credentials you can use BrowZine on your tablet or smartphone anywhere.


Can I use BrowZine on my smart phone?

Yes, both iPhone and Android apps are available.


Instructions for downloading BrowZine

  • Click on "Download Now" button
  • Choose App Store (For iPad/iPhone) or Google Play (for Android) or Amazon Apps (Kindle Fire HD)
  • Install or Update App (If you previously installed the app)
  • Once Installed Choose or Change Library (For LIU you must choose either Student or Staff (including Faculty) version)
  • Wait until LIU Library Loads
  • Browse Away!

BrowZine on the Web!

BrowZine can now be accessed from a desktop or laptop!  Just Click on the Link Below.




Created by Professor Robert Battenfeld