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Archives and Special Collections: Archive of Dan Levin, Ph.D.

Archives and Special Collections is a repository for materials contained in a variety of formats: books, manuscripts, correspondence, journals, photographs, posters, maps, original drawings, theatre programs, archival documents, and other materials.

Archive of Dan Levin, Ph.D. -- Collection Facts at a Glance

In 2014, Forest Levin donated his father, Dan Levin's archive to Archives and Special Collections. Professor Levin was a highly regarded member of the LIU Post Department of English where he taught for more than four decades. Professor Joan Digby, a colleague and co-author to Dr. Levin, was helpful in facilitating this generous donation.

Collection Time Period:
20th Century

This collection of archives and selected books authored by Professor Dan Levin contains the following items: books, manuscripts, stories, poems, research material, notes, correspondence, note books, and note cards. and a few selected facsimile photographs.

Scope and Content:
3 Hollinger Archival Boxes Containing:   Assorted Manuscripts  --  Research Materials  --  Notebooks  --  Miscellaneous Notes  --  Correspondence  --  Facsimile Photographs

Archives and Special Collections. B. Davis Schwartz Memorial Library. 2nd Floor. Room 345-346. LIU. LIU Post. Brookville, NY 11548

User Restrictions:
The Collection is available for viewing in the Special Collections' Reading Room. Appointments are necessary for researchers. Requests for digital images are considered on a case by case basis. Please call or email us for an appointment. 516/299-2880.

The Dan Levin Archive is owned by Long Island University and housed in Archives and Special Collections in the Library at LIU Post. The Library requests that users contact the Special Collections Department for permission to reproduce images from the Dan Levin Archive. LIU also requests that its patron use the following Courtesy Line in any instances of digital reproduction: "Courtesy of Archives and Special Collections. LIU Post Library. Long Island University."

Dan Levin, Ph.D. Biography

Born in Russia in 1914, Dan Levin spent his early childhood in a country torn by revolution. His family eventually immigrated to Cleveland where he grew up. Levin lived in Washington D.C., New York, and abroad. He met his artist wife, Kathaleen in college. They married in 1938, had two sons and enjoyed a long life together.

During World War II, Levin was a combat correspondent in the U.S. Marines. Out of this experience, he wrote the war novel Mask of Glory, 1949. This was followed by other novels. He worked as a reporter for the U.S. Delegation of the United Nations, covering all U.N. meetings. He returned to Russia to do research for his biography Stormy Petrel: The Life And Work of Maxim Gorky, 1988. Another autobiographical manuscript, Skaz, is housed in this archive. Other published works by Levin include The Dream of The Flesh, Son Of Judah, Spinoza (his early years), and From The Battlefield. His Poems of the Marines appears in the Scimitar & Song Anthology, 1976 (Scimitar and Song Publications). He also translated Russian poetry.


Over his lifetime, Dr. Levin's published works include two novels, two biographies, one wartime autobiography, and a book of poetry.

He wrote book reviews for such publications as The Nation and Newsday. Before his years at LIU Post, he taught philosophy at Case Western Reserve University and the humanities at the University of Chicago, where he received his Ph.D. in the History of Culture in 1964.

Years at C. W. Post

Beginning in 1964, and for the next forty years, Dr. Levin was an Associate Professor in the English Department at C. W. Post. He conducted Writers Workshops, and taught Comparative Literature. During his years at LIU Post, Dr. Levin was involved in fellowships in Korea and Russia, where he developed friendships with the many exchange students he met in his travels.

Dr. Levin's true passions were writing and teaching. He taught at LIU Post until 2011.

At a tribute gathering in 2011, The C. W. Post Poetry Center asked Dr. Dan Levin, Professor Emeritus, to read from his published collection of poems, Waiting For B Train. The poems Dr. Levin read spoke of his immigration from Russia during the Great Depression and his time spent as a Sergeant combat correspondent during World War II. Students at the event paid tribute by reading poems written by Dr. Levin. This was a poignant celebration of the life and career of a remarkable man.

Dr. Levin's son Forrest Levin commented about his father's last year:

"Even as he approached and passed 100 years of age, with many of his physical systems weakening, he remained mentally clear with a resilient spirit until the end."

Dr. Dan Levin passed away in 2015.

Archive of Dan Levin, Ph.D. 1913-2015. Professor Emeritus. Department of English. LIU Post.

Compiled by Philip Harwood. MSLIS/Palmer School. 12/13/2016

Selected Miscellaneous Documents

Category Item Quantity Description Location
Archive Folder 1:
Beer Glass Foames: 1
Notes 1 Penciled Handwritten Page "Beer Glass" - 1 Chap[ter] (3 copies) Box 1
Archive Folder 1:
Beer Glass Foames: 1.1
Beginning of Chapter 1 10 Typed Pages "Return of Beerglass Fomes" Box 1
Archive Folder 1:
Beer Glass Foames: 1.2
Single Page 1 Page "Return of Beerglass Fomes" Box 1
Archive Folder 1:
Beer Glass Foames: 1.3
pages 82 Pages "Return of Beerglass Fomes" Manuscript Box 1
Archive Folder 1:
Beer Glass Foames: 1.4
Poems 6 Pages Folded Pages of Dan Levin Poems Box 1
Archive Box 1: "The Red Cord" Manuscript Multiple Pages The Red Cord Manuscripts Box 1
Archive Box 2: "Josephus" Manuscript Materials Multiple Pages Manuscript and Research Materials for Josephus Box 1
Archive Box 3: "The Fifth Archangel" Manuscript Materials Multiple Pages Concept / Synopsis, Manuscript Box 1
Folder 1: Miscellaneous Promotional Fliers 3 items 1) Waiting for B Train Promo / Fashion Rescue Flyer / Submission Letter Box 1
Folder 2: Short Stories Writings Multiple Pages Short Stories by Dan Levin Box 1
Folder 3: Jospehus Research Materials 3 Photostat Images Multiple Pages Photostat research materials Box 1
Folder 4: Poems and Rejection Letter Poems, Letter Multiple Pages Poems and Rejection Letter Box 1
Folder 5: Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Writings Multiple Pages Writings, Letters, and Articles Box 1
Folder 6: "May Day Play" Play Multiple Pages May Day Play by Dan Levin Box 1
Folder 7: Incomplete and Strays Dan Levin Writings Multiple Pages Incomplete Stories, plus Hear Me, Zeus, and New Dawn Box 1
Folder 8: Important Fragments Notes and manuscript fragments Multiple Pages Important Fragments, Miscellaneous Handwritten notes by Dan Levin Box 1
Folder 9: Lessions In Myth And Death Short piece by Dan Levin 10 pages Lessons In Myth And Death Box 1
Folder 10: Prose Dan Levin Writings Multiple Pages Miscellaneous Prose Box 1
Folder 11: Miscellaneous Dan Levin Writings Multiple Pages Stories: On A Dummer Day, The Heights of Life Box 1
Folder 12: Miscellaneous Dan Levin Writings Multiple Pages Miscellaneous Shorts by Dan Levin Box 1

Compiled by Philip Harwood. MSLIS/Palmer School. 12/13/2016

Selected Miscellaneous Documents

Category Item Quantity Description Location
2.1 Document 1 page Handwritten list of Dan Levin Works Box 2
2.2 Photo 1 page Promotional photo of Dan Levin Box 2

Manuscripts by Dan Levin

Category Item Quantity Description Location
Manuscript Box 1 Manuscript 177 pages "Concept/Synopsis of GORKY'S LAST PLAY." nd. 2 copies. Box 2
Manuscript Box 2 Manuscript 309 pages "Faith." A Novel by Dan Levin." Manuscript. ca November, 2008. (Includes Synopsis and Concept/Outline). Box 2
Manuscript Box 3 Manuscript 305 pages "The Innocent. A Novel by Dan Levin." (Includes Concept/Outline). Nd Box 2
Manuscript Box 4 Manuscript 311 pages "Portrait of A Young Believer." Includes Brief Resume. nd Box 2
Manuscript Box 5 Manuscript 268 pages "On The Way. A Novel by Dan Levin." nd Box 2
Manuscript Box 6 Manuscript 145 pages Writings by Dan Levin's about his wife Artist Kathaleen Levin. ca 2003-2004. Box 2

Miscellaneous Writings and Manuscripts by Dan Levin

Category Item Quantity Description Location
Folder 1 Professional Materials Multiple pages Dan Levin's CV, "Quotations from Reviews of Some of Dan Levin's Books", Dan Levin Resumes. Box 2
Folder 2 Miscellaneous Writings 14 pages Kathaleen: Prose. Poetry, Articles, and Miscellaneous Writings about Dan Levin's wife, Kathaleen. ca 1998, 2003, 2004. Box 2
Folder 3 Stories, Photograph, Email, Biography 17 pages Stories: "Return of Anthropomorphic God and Kompei." 1 Color Photo of Soldiers in Kabul. 1 Email to "Tammy", dated April 27, 2010. Dan Levin Abbreviated Bio dated June, 2008. Various Notes. Box 2
Folder 4 An Opera Manuscript 60 pages "Rebel And Empire. An Opera In Four Scenes." Libretto by Dan Levin, Music by Gregory Levin. ca 1970 Box 2
Folder 5 "Selected Essays, Stories and Poems" 48 pages "Selected Essays, Stories, and Poems" by Dan Levin. Collected and Edited by Forest Levin and Joan and John Digby. 2015 (Bound publication) Box 2
Folder 6 Manuscript 94 pages "Early History Of The Holy Man" by Dan Levin. nd Box 2
Folder 7 Manscripts  
14 pages
31 pages
60 pages
Undated Plays by Dan Levin:
"May Day"
Box 2
Folder 8 Manuscript materials 28 pages "Skaz". Skaz is a Russian Tale. - Webster's. Creative Non-Fiction/Memoir by Dan Levin. Box 2
Folder 8 Manuscript materials 68 pages "Skaz" by Dan Levin. Box 2
Folder 8 Manuscript materials 9 pages "To The Beat Of Iron On Stone by Dan Levin." (Dan Levin's Childhood Memoir Told Like a Novel). 9 Pages Box 2

Compiled by Philip Harwood. MSLIS/Palmer School. 12/21/2016

Miscellaneous Materials

Category Item Quantity Description Location
Archival Box No.1 Notecards, Notebooks, Exam booklets, Research Notebook Five notebooks, Multiple Index Notecards, Multiple Exam Booklets Notes by Dan Levin in Notebooks, Notecards, and Exam Booklets Box 3
Folder 1 Research Material, Letters, Poems, Notes Multiple Pages Photostat Articles, Poems by Dan Levin, Letters, Hand-written notes, 2006-07 Box 3
Folder 2 Letters, Greeting Cards, Articles Multiple Pages Research, letters, cards, notes in Russian Box 3
Folder 3 Samples of Writing by Dan Levin Multiple Pages Samples of writing by Dan Levin, 2005-2008 Box 3
Folder 4 2 photostat copies of Dan Levin, Articles in Russian, WWII Promotional Timeline with Sketches, Possible Photo of Dan Levin Multiple Pages

2 copies of an April 18, 1995 Article in Russian

1 Original 1995 Russian Newspaper

"Timeline of The U. S. Marines' Victory at Iwo Jima" (includes wartime sketches) and 1 Pasted-Down Article from Collier's Magazine (nd)

2 photostat copies of Dan Levin

copy of layout for cover of Levin's book "From the Battlefield"

Possible original photo of Dan Levin (?) in the 1930's (?)

Photostat of "Infantry School Advanced Officers Course, August, 1946 - June, 1947, p 31.

Box 3
Folder 5 "Seconds, Rejects, early Drafts" Multiple Pages   Box 3
Folder 6 Untitled Poems 18 pages Early Poetry, Untitled writings, some torn pages Box 3
Folder 7 Kathaleen Material Multiple Pages Notes written and typed pertaining to Dan Levin's wife Kathaleen Box 3
Folder 8 "Short Writings" - title on folder ten pages Typed notes and research material 1991 Box 3
Folder 9 Short stories and articles 20 pages Short Stories: A Difficult Growth, 1939, Russia, Checyna, Black Elk.
Notes in Russian.
Photostat articles
Box 3
Folder 10 Poetry, Prose, Miscellaneous Multiple Pages Student Writing, 1998: Poetry and Prose.
Notes typed and written.
1972 grade sheet
Box 3
Folder 11 Miscelleaneous Material Multiple Pages Manuscript material.
Research and photostat articles,
miscellanous notes
Box 3
Folder 12 Miscelleaneous Material Multiple Pages

Report from Dan Levin to Janice Fishbein titled "Report on Living Pictures, nd.

Poems, letters, research material.

WW II Times. October - November, 1994, includes article "Reviewing Some Reasons" by Dan Levin. WWII Times includes cover photo of Dan Levin and 1 additional early photos of DL

Box 3
Folder 13 Leatherneck Magazine 88 pages Leatherneck Magazine. November 2000. Article in magazine: "Battle of Blanc Mont Ridge" written by Maj Bevilacqua Box 3
Folder 14 Miscellaneous Notes by Dan Levin Multiple Pages Miscellaneous Written and Typed Notes by Dan Levin Box 3
Folder 15 Miscellaneous Material by Dan Levin Multiple Pages Miscellaneous Manuscript Material
Short Story: "My Friend Euripedes" by Dan Levin
Box 3
Folder 16 Miscellaneous Material by Dan Levin 19 pages Gene Jones Material, Dan Bishop Letter, Miscellaneous Written Material & Notes Box 3
Folder 17 Research Material Multiple Pages Miscellaneous Photostat of Articles and Stories for Possible Projects Box 3
Folder 18 Stories by Dan Levin 50 pages Stories by Dan Levin: The Red Cord,
The Road from Itil,
Concept/Outlines for The Innocent
Box 3
Folder 19 Boris Gudonov material 14 pages Manuscript material for Boris Gudonov by Dan Levin Box 3
Folder 20 Miscelleaneous Material Multiple Pages Letters, Poems, Concept Outlines, Research Material Box 3
Folder 21 Miscellaneous material Multiple Pages Poems, Notes, Manuscript Material Box 3
Folder 22 Personal Material Multiple Pages Personal Material: Postcards, letters,
Dan Levin Research 2008-2010
Box 3
Folder 23 Miscellaneous Material 15 pages Letters,
Photostat article,
Poem: The Return, 2010
Box 3
Folder 24 Miscellaneous Material 15 pages Poems and Letters by Dan Levin Box 3
Folder 25 Miscelleaneous Material Multiple Pages Poem: Rondel of Alexander The Great,
handwritten notes,
exam booklet
Postcard: Partisans of Vilna. Personal letters
Box 3
Folder 26 Letters Multiple Pages Professional and Personal letters-2009 Box 3
Folder 27 Miscelleaneous Material Multiple Pages Letters, Emails Reviews, Dan Levin Resume-2009-10 Box 3
Folder 28 Miscelleaneous Material Multiple Pages Letters, Emails, Notes (typed and written, Research Articles 1979-2011 Box 3
Folder 29 Miscelleaneous Material Multiple Pages Personal letters and miscellaneous Box 3
Folder 30 Miscelleaneous Material.
Letters, Emails, Flyer: College of Charleston

Letters and Emails.

Flyer about a writing contest: College of Charleston Showcase.

Document written by Dan Levin about Tom Suozzi.

Box 3
Folder 31 Duplicate Material Multiple Pages Duplicates of material in other folders Box 3
Folder 32 Correspondence 3 Pages Correspondence between Graduate Intern, Philip Harwood and Forest Levin (son of Dan Levin) Box 3

LIU Post Pioneer, March 9, 2011

2011 article about Dan Levin

The World War II Times, October-November 1994

1994 article by Dan Levin

Dan Levin in 2005

Dan Levin in 2005

Dan Levin in 1994

Dan Levin in 1994
Cover for the The World War II Times.
See the first page of the article below.

Dan Levin, undated photo

Dan Levin, undated photo

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