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SWOT Analysis: Weaknesses

Researching & analyzing a company's internal & external environment.

Identifying Weaknesses

Ask the following questions:

  • Where is the company struggling? Where is it losing money?
  • Where does the company lack resources?
  • What are the company's competitors doing better? How can the company improve?
  • How is the company perceived by its customers and/or the public?

Rank a Company Against Its Peers

Understand Company Operations

Read articles about the company in a variety of sources, such as business magazines and trade journals, including:

Company Performance

Financial analysts examine the financial performance of public companies for the investor community. Their reports identify strategic issues & evaluate companies in relation to competitors.


Bloomberg Professional

Provides analysts reports from selected banks and financial firms. Bloomberg terminals are available on the lower-level of the Library on the LIU Trading Floor, LB 132.