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School of Professional Accountancy: Financial Statements

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10-K Reports - Databases

Financial securities laws require publicly traded companies to disclose information on an ongoing basis. Form 10-K is an annual report required by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), that gives a comprehensive summary of a public company's performance and is the most exhaustive source of current corporate information. Although similarly referred to as an "annual report," the black-and-white report in plain text without visuals known as Form 10-K is distinct from the annual report to shareholders and more detailed. The Form 10-K annual report provides a comprehensive overview of the company's business and financial condition and includes audited financial statements.

Both Form 10-K and the annual report to shareholders may be obtained through corporate websites by clicking on "About Us" or "Investor Relations" links. The following databases are also authoritative sources for Form 10-K.

  • Perform a Company search
  • Under "Company Details," choose "SEC Filings"
  • Use ""Filing Type filters" to access 10K reports

Easy-to-access current and historical annual reports and SEC filings, including 10-K reports, for U.S. public companies. Reports are available in various formats, including Excel and PDF.

To obtain SEC filings for individual companies:

  • Go to Mergent Online's Basic Search page
  • Enter a company name or stock ticker symbol
  • Retrieve the search results for your company
  • Click the "Filings" tab in the navigation bar to retrieve the first 25 filings from the last 90 days
  • Click on the link, "Click here for EDGAR search," to customize your search by company, filing date, and filing type
  • Click on  the "Table of Contents" link in the report to review Item 8: Financial Statements

To obtain SEC filings for individual companies:

  • Perform a "Companies" search
  • Choose "SEC Filings: link under "Financials" heading of Company Index
  • On left-side of page, "REFINE BY FORM TYPE" by choosing "Annual Reports - 10-K"
  • Click on "Table of Contents" link in 10-K to review Item 8. Financial Statements

10-K Reports - SEC

How to Read Financial Statements - eBooks

Subject searching using the term "financial statements" and/or "managerial accounting" in this digital book collection offers additional resources for understanding and interpreting financial information. Resources available in this database may also be retrieved through the Library's online catalog.

How to Read Financial Statements - Print Books

Annual Reports to Stockholders