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English 2 - Solving Human Problems: Welcome

This guide is written in support of Professor Morgan's English 2 assignment on Solving Human Problems

Welcome to the Solving Human Problems Library Guide

Human problems are complex and can often be very difficult to solve.

This library guide has been created to assist you in researching how to identify, explore, and understand human problems. In class you will be looking at an extremely abstract example of a human problem — the problem of the human condition, and you will be thinking about things such as subjectivity, identity, happiness, death, representation, and self. However, the majority of your individual research will be spent building your understanding on a specific human problem of your choice. Solving Human Problems

Generally speaking human problems fall into one of seven broad  categories including ones that involve: Survival, Finances, Relationships, Socio-political issues, Religion, Knowledge, or Psychology. These broad characterizations can be further delineated in terms of the region, economy, or population that they are occurring in including (but not limited to) National Problems, International Problems, Natural Problems. 

The goal of this guide is to help you in researching human problems overall, but also more specifically in investigating the human problem you have elected to focus on in your individual research. The expectation of this work is that you will create an annotated bibliography and then a 10 page research argument which illustrates that you have gained a greater understanding on researching, and presenting problems and arguments in multiple compelling, accurate, and ethical ways.

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