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Social Work Resources: Books

Using the Online Catalog

Keyword search lets you use your own words. Enter keywords cautiously. Start out with just one or two words or a two word phrase. Add more words to lessen the number of hits you get. If you don't get the results you want, try some synonyms. If you still have trouble, ask a librarian for help.

The drop down menu will give you other choices, such as:

Browse Title List Alphabetically lets you browse all our titles alphabetically.

Browse Author List Alphabetically lets you browse all authors by last name, first name.

Title Keyword lets you search for words only in the title.

Author Keyword lets you search for author names only.

No need for capital letters.

InterLibrary Loan (ILLIAD)

If the Library does not have the book or the article you need, you can order it through Interlibrary Loan.

By signing up for an ILLIAD account you streamline the process of ordering items. You can also track the status of your requests and receive articles electronically.

Need Help?


Visit the Library.
516.299.2304 or
IM: cwplibrarian


Set up a Research by Appointment to work one-on-one with a librarian  x4138

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