LibX Library Toolbar: LibX Library Toolbar

Library toolbar for Searching our catalog anywhere.
Install LibX

Note: LibX was written for and works best in Firefox.

LibX does not work in Internet Explorer!

Uninstall LibX

Go to the menu Tools -> Add-Ons. (In Firefox 1.5 or earlier, this entry was called Tools -> Extensions.)

Select the LibX entry in the list. Click "Uninstall" at the bottom left (it looks like an X).

Restart firefox.

If you simply wish to not display the toolbar, you can accomplish this by selecting the menu View -> Toolbars -> LibX. An even quicker way is to right-click on a navigation bar button, such as the refresh button, and to uncheck the box "LibX".

What is LibX ?

LibX is a Firefox browser add-on.

It provides:

  • Search capability from the Firefox Toolbar
  • Liu icon in certain popular web pages to link directly to LIU resources.
  • Added functionality to the "right-click" menu of your mouse.

See below for more detailed information on LibX Functionality:

  • Right-click Menu
    • Highlight text on a web page or PDF and right-click for a menu of search options
  • Embedded Links
    • Look for  when you are at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Google Books, the New York Times Book Review, and many other sites.
Toolbar for Searching LIU Library Resources

Drop Down Menu


Search Box

Right Click Menu

Right Click Menu

Embedded Links

Embedded Links

Auto-Linking Feature

Auto-Linking Feature

When LibX detects an ISBN number on a web page, it will turn that number into a link.


Different editions of a book may have different ISBN numbers (hardback, paperback, etc.). If you receive a "no matches found" message when you click on an ISBN link, a list of ISBN numbers for different editions of the text may be displayed on the left side of your screen. You may click one of the alternate ISBN numbers to search for it.

Google Scholar Support

You can use Google Scholar as a shortcut to many journal articles made available to you by the LIU library!

Two ways to search Google Scholar:

1. right-click method:

  • Select (highlight) any text on a web page - for example, the article title.
  • Right-click.
  • From the drop-down menu that appears, choose Search Google Scholar.

2. The select-and-drag method:

  • Select (highlight) any text on a web page - for example, the article title.
  • Drag the selected text onto the Scholar button on the right side of the LibX toolbar.


LibX will direct you to an electronic copy owned by LIU Libraries via  if you cannot access the Google Scholar link.

You can use this feature even from inside a PDF on a Windows PC, which makes retrieving papers referenced in a PDF file a snap.

Toggle Toolbar Off and On
  • You can hide the LibX toolbar altogether when you don't need it.
  • Toggle the toolbar on and off
    • Click "F9" on a PC
    • Click "Control + F6" on a Mac or PC

You can also turn off the toolbar on the bottom right corner of your computer screen - click on: 

When the toolbar is hidden, you can still use many features of LibX.

You can customize or disable many of these features in the LibX Preferences window.