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Discourse Community: Welcome to the Discourse Community Guide

This guide was created to provide research support to students enrolled in Professor Pigliacelli's ENG 2 004.

Welcome to the Discourse Community LibGuide

   By now each of you has selected the discourse community you will be    
   focusing on and
 many have elected to work with a community you have easy access
   to including: ones you are members of here at LIU Post, ones in your workplace,
   a religious organization, club, professional 
interest group(s), or one that comes as a
   result of your ethnic and/or cultural environment. Based on the range of collectives being studied by your class it should be clear that different people have access to different communities. It is also worthwhile to note that each of us
 participates in a wide variety of these discourse communities throughout our lifetimes. 

In terms of your own individual research, you will need to be both persistent and creative in finding secondary sources of information on your discourse community. Some of you may have difficulty in locating material for your project. However, hopefully your research will help you uncover information on discourse communities that will assist you to contextualizing your own personal experiences and observations with these groups and that will also aid you in drawing conclusions about your community and how it works as a collective.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you need help by using one of the methods outlined on the Ask-A-Librarian tab of this Library Guide

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