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Marketing: Brand Audit

Resources for Marketing Information

What is a Brand Audit?

A brand audit lays the foundation for identifying brand strengths and opportunities. It systematically addresses questions about the overall category, the company and its offerings, competitors and customers.

Market Insights

  • What are the opportunities to better meet customer needs?
  • What is the business environment & trends?

Company Insights

  • What is the product profile?
  • What are key brand assets & risks?

Competitor Insights

  • Who are the key competitors?
  • What do we know about their strategies?

Customer Insights

  • Who is the customer?
  • What is the buying process?
Category definition, size and growth. Trends that can be opportunities or threats. Business performance, brand positioning, company & brand strengths & weaknesses. Competitive landscape. Key competitors' business performance, positioning, apparent strategy, strengths & weaknesses. Category customer profile, segmentation (demographic, psychographic, behavioral, needs-based), brand choice criteria, drivers, preferences, perceptions


Brand Audit: Discovery

Much of the information for a brand audit exists outside of marketing

Company Information

  • Company mission, vision & value statement
  • Business plans, financial performance & trends (e.g., revenue, profits, margins)
  • Customer service records
  • Patents and other intellectual property, awards/areas of distinction

Industry Information

Third party research about the competitors (e.g., financial analysts, syndicated market research, government agencies, industry associations)

Company's own customer research (e.g., tracking research, focus groups)

Marketing Information

Current & past advertising & promotional collateral for your brand & competitors (within & beyond your specific category)

Social media reports & conversation analysis


Identifying Brands