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Zotero - Citation Manager: Importing Data from Other Software

Zotero is a free, easy to use software that helps you save, manage, and cite research sources.

How to Export Your Data and Import into Zotero

If you do not have separate folders you can export all of your references in one file.  If you have folders and wish to retain them inZotero or another Citation Management program follow the instructions below for "Exporting RefWorks Reference a Folder at a Time."  These instructions assume that you have already installed the Zotero plugin on your personal computer. 

To Export your entire RefWorks file all at once into Zotero:

  1. Make sure you are viewing "All References"
  2. Click on References from the menu
  3. Choose Export
  4. "All in List" should be checked (if not Check)
  5. Use as Export Format, the default "Bibliographic Software (Endnote, Reference Manger, Procite)" should appear (Zoterowill import this format)
  6. If you need another format to Export, choose from list
  7. Click on Export References button
  8. Popup processing window will appear as Export is performed
  9. The popup processing window will say "Completed" when the Export is finished
  10. Follow the instructions in the popup window to download the file
  11. The file will open as a plain text file in your browser when the file is opened (attachments are not exported)
  12. In your browser, click on File and Save to save to the file to your computer
  13. Be sure to save the file in a safe location until you are ready to import into Zotero
  14. Open Zotero (in Firefox go to Tools/Zotero; In Chrome or Safari open standalone version)
  15. Click on the Settings button (gear or sprocket icon)
  16. Choose Import
  17. Find file on your computer and click Open
  18. File will be imported

Exporting RefWork Reference a Folder at a Time

  1. Choose the folder in RefWorks you wish to export
  2. Follow instructions from #2 through #12 above
  3. Open Zotero (in Firefox go to Tools/Zotero)
  4. Follow instructions #14 to #18 Above
  5. Right Click on imported file
  6. Choose Rename Collection
  7. Rename File to Correspond to RefWorks folder name

Any Refworks field content without a corresponding field in Zotero will be stored in the Zotero Note field.


Instructions for transferring data from EndNote can be found here.

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