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Instructional Media Center: Doctors and Nurses


A selection of Fiction titles ...

Bond, Michael.

  • Paddington goes to hospital  E B64pgh
  • Paddington takes the air  F B64t

Brooks, Bruce. Vanishing  F B7913v

Corbett, Scott. The case of the ticklish tooth  F C81t

De Groat, Diane. Alligator's toothache  E D365a

Frankel, Alona. Prudence's get well book  E F851p

Klein, Adria F. Max goes to the dentist  E K671d

Lakin, Patricia.  The mysterious illness  E L149m

Meister, Cari. The shivery shark  E M479s

Mirsky, Reba P. Nomusa and the new magic  E M679n

Sateren, Shelley S.

  • Max and Zoe at the dentist  E Sa82mde
  • Max and Zoe at the doctor  E Sa82mdo

Singer, Marilyn. It can't hurt forever  F Si645i

Skene, Pat. The whoosh of Gadoosh  E Sk26bw

Steig, William

  • Doctor De Soto E St33d
  • Doctor De Soto goes to Africa  E St33da

Stolz, Mary.  The organdy cupcakes F St69o

A selection of Biographies

Crofford, Emily. Healing warrior : a story of Sister Elizabeth Kenny  B K399C

Davis, Lucile. The Mayo brothers : doctors to the world  B M454D

Dubowski, Cathy E.  Clara Barton : healing the wounds  B B285D

Leighton, Margaret C. The story of Florence Nightingale  B N564L

Mosher, Kiki. Learning about compassion form the life of Florence Nightingale  B N564M

Where to look for Non-Fiction titles

Books about   ...   look under this number

Doctors                              610.69

Nurses                               610.73

    War Nurses    355.3

Hospitals                            362.1

Medicine                             610

Diseases                            610.9

     Cold & Flu      616.205

Veterinarians                      636.089

Animal Hospitals              636.089