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Instructional Media Center: Children's Poetry


A selection of titles ... A - M

Adelson, Leone. Please pass the grass!  E Ad34p

Adoff, Arnold. Ma nda la  E Ad71m

Asquith, Ros. Ball! E As69b

Baylor, Byrd. Amigo  E Sch97a

Belloc, Hilaire. Yak, the python the frog  E B417h

A boy went out to gather pears  E B692h

Bulion, Leslie. At the sea floor cafe : odd ocean critter poems  E P363a

Carlstrom, Nancy W. Jesse Bear, what will you wear? E C197j

Carter, Jimmy. The little baby Snoogle-Fleejer.  E C245l

Elliot, Zetta. Bird. E El57b

Emberley, Barbara. Drummer Hoff  E Em12d

Farber, Norma. Never say ugh to a bug  E F221n

Field, Eugene.  Wynken, Blynken, and Nod  E F45w

Field, Rachel. If once you have slept on an island  E F458i

Fisher, Aileen. My cat has eyes of sapphire blue  E F531mc

Gaiman, Neil. Instructions : [everything you'll need to know on your journey]  E G127i

Gambrell, Jamey. Telephone. E G144t

Grimes, Nikki.  A girl named mister  F G883g

Hughes, Shirley.Out and about  E H8745o

Jarrell, Randall. A bat is born, from The bat-poet  E J292b

Kuon, Vuthy. Humpty Dumpty : after the fall  E K964h

Lewison, Wendy C. Going to sleep on the farm  E L5894g

Lobel, Arnold. The book of pigericks : a pig limericks  E L783b

MacLachlan, Patricia. All the places to love.  E M221al

Martin, Steve. The alphabet from A to Y with bonus letter, Z!  E M367a

Maxner, Joyce. Lady Bugatti  E M45l

McGinley, Phyllis. All around the town  E M175a

McGovern, Ann. Black is beautiful  E M177b

Morse, Samuel F. Sea sums  E  M838s

Moss, Lloyd. Zin! zin! zin! : a violin  E M854z

A selection of titles ... N - Z

O'Connor, Jane.  Fancy Nancy : poet extraordinaire!  E Oc55fp

O'Donnell, Elizabeth L.  The twelve days of summer  E Od5t

Palmer, Mary R. Mary R. Palmer's Mother Moose rhymes  E P183m

Rosetti, Christina G. Color : a poem  E R735c

Rylant, Cynthia.

  • The everyday garden E 983eg
  • The everyday house  E R983eh
  • The everyday pets  E 983ep

Scieszka, Jon. Science verse  E Sci27sc

Seuss, Dr.

  • Daisy-head Mayzie.  E Se45da
  • Oh, the places you will go!  E Se45oh
  • On beyond zebra  E Se45on

Shannon, George. Frog legs : a picture book of action verse  E Sh192f

Sidman, Joyce.

  • Red sings from treetops ; a year in colors  E Si133r
  • Swirl by swirl : spirals in nature E Si13s

Siebert, Diane. Sierra  E Si115s

Smith, Hope A.  Keeping the night watch  F Sm58k

Supraner, Robyn. Would you rather be a tiger? E Su76w

Taffolla, Carmen. What can you do with a rebozo? E T1251w

Taylor, Jane. Twinkle, twinkle, little star  E P565t

Warren, Dianne. Vegetable soup : the nutritional ABC's. The fruit bowl : a contest among the fruit  E W251v

Wells, Rosemary. Noisy Nora. E W462n2

Yolen, Jane. An invitation to the butterfly ball : a counting rhyme  E Y78in