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Instructional Media Center: Stories in Rhyme


A selection of Mother Goose books

Anglund, Joan Walsh. In a pumpkin shell, a Mother Goose ABC  E M856an

Briggs, Raymond. Fee fi fo fum; a picture book of nursery rhymes E B767f

Caldecott, Randolph. R. Caldecott's Picture book containing The diverting history of John Gilpin, the three jovial huntsmen, An elegy of the death of a mad dog, all illustrated in colour and black and white  E C127p

De Angeli, Marguerite. Book of nursery and and Mother Goose rhymes  E M856d

DePaola, Tomie. Tomie dePaola's Mother Goose  E M856de

Dillon, Leo. Mother Goose : numbers on the loose  E M856di

Greenaway, Kate. A apple pie  E G829a

Mother Goose.

  • Brian Wildsmith's Mother Goose : a collection of nursery rhymes E M856wi
  • London Bridge is falling down! Illus. by Peter Spier  E M856sp
  • Mother Goose; seventy-seven verses  E M856t
  • Mother Goose nursery rhymes. Illus. by Arthur Rackham E M856r
  • Ring o' roses : a nursery rhyme picture book Illus. by L. Leslie Brooke E M856b2

Mother Hubbard's cupboard : a Mother Goose surprise book  E M856rad

My very first Mother Goose. Edited by Iona Epie; illus. by Rosemary Wells E M856o

Old MacDonald had a farm [illus.] by Holly Berry  E B459o

Over in the meadow. Illus. by Ezra Jack Keats E K225o

Sendak, Maurice. Hector Protector, and, As I went over the water : two nursery rhymes with pictures  E se55h

To market! To market! Illus. by Peter Spier E M856sp2

A selection of stories A - I

Ackerman, Karen. Flannery Row E Ac57f

Adoff, Arnold. Black is brown is tan  E Ad71b

Agell, Charlotte. Dancing feet. E Ag33d

Appelt, Kathi. Toddler two-step  E Ap48to

Archambault, John. A beautiful feast for a big king cat  E Ar21b

Barnes, Peter W. Woodrow, the White House mouse  E B262w

Bloom, Suzanne. We keep a pig in a parlor  E B624w

Brown, Margaret Wise. Goodnigh moon E B815gm

Buck, Nola. Oh, cats!  E B853o

Bunting, Eve.  In the haunted house  E B886i

Burton, Marilee R. My best shoes  E B955m

Carpenter, Mary-Chapin. Dreamland : a lullaby  E C225d

Charlip, Remy. Sleepytime rhyme  E C381s

Cherry, Lynne. Who's sick today?  E C424w

Couture, Susan A. The biggest horse I ever did see  E C837bi

Cuneo, Mary Louise. What can a giant do?  E C915w

Davol, Marguerite W. The heart of the wood  E D311h

Degen, Bruce. Teddy bear towers  E D363t

Dodd, Lynley.

  • Hairy Maclary, sit  E D660h
  • Schnitzel von Krumm forget-me-not  E D660s

Edwards, Richard. Ten tall oaktrees  E Ed98t

Edwards, Roland. Tigers  E Ed983t

Farber, Norma. Where's Gomer?  E F221w

Fields, Julia. The green lion of Zion Street  E F46g

Florian, Douglas. A winter day.  E F664w

Fox, Mem. Shoes from Grandpa E F8323s

Gerrard, Roy. Jocasta Carr, movie star  E G32j

Gershon, Dann. Hangin' with the hombeez : the spelling bee  E G324h

Ginsburg, Mirra. Across the stream  E G435a

Grossman, Bill.

  • The banging book  E G915b
  • My little sister ate one hare  E G915m
  • Tommy at the grocery story  E G915t

Hague, Kathleen.

  • Numbears : a counting book E H123n
  • Out of the nursery, into the night  E H123o

Harley, Bill. Sitting down to eat  E H227s

Harper, Jessica. I'm not going to chase the cat today!  E H232i

Hennessy, B. G. Sleep tight  E H392s

Hoban, Tana.

  • One little kitten  E H652ol
  • Where is it?  E H652w

Hood, Thomas. Before I go to sleep  E H761b

Hutchins, Pat.  Which witch is which?  E H97wh


A selection of stories J - Z

Jam, Teddy. Night cars  E J22n

Kellogg, Steven. I was born about 10,000 years ago : a tall tale  E K291iw

Knightley, Rosalinda. The postman  E K551p

Komaiko. Leah.

  • Fritzi Fox flew in from Florida E K836f
  • Just my dad & me  E K836j
  • Leonora O'Grady  E K836l

Kudrna, C. Imbior. To bathe a boa  E K953t

Kuskin, Karla. Roar and more  E K968r

Lakin, Patricia. Jet black pickup truck  E L149j

Lindbergh, Reeve. There's a cow in the road!  E L64t

Lindgren, Barbro. The wild baby  E L6432wi

Martin, Bill.  Barn dance!  E M365b

Neitzel, Shirley. The dress I'll wear to the party  E N331d

Niemann, Christoph. Subway  E N555s

Noll, Sally. Surprise!  E N72s

O'Hair, Margaret. Twin to twin  E Oh1t

Paxton, Tom.

  • Engelbert the elephant  E P289e
  • Where's the baby  E P289w

Peters, Lisa W. October smiled back  E P441o

Polacco, Patricia. G is for goat  E P757go

Pomerantz, Charlotte. Here comes Henny  E P771he

Seeger, Laura V. Green  E Se32g

Sendak, Maurice. Seven little monsters  E Se55s

Seuss, Dr.

  • The foot book E De45fo
  • Green eggs and ham  E De45gr
  • My many colored days  E De45my
  • Thidwick, the big-hearted moose E Se45thi

Shaw, Nancy.  Sheep out to eat  E Sh27

Sierra, Judy. Counting crocodiles  E Si17c

Snow, Pegeen. Eat your peas, Louise! E Sn61e

Wahl, Jan.

  • Cats and robbers  E W125ca
  • Rabbits on roller skates  E W125r

Weeks, Sarah. Splish splash  E W418s

Wells, Rosemary. Shy Charles  E W462sh

Willey, Margaret. Thanksgiving with me  E W669t

Winthrop, Elizabeth. Sledding  E W737sl

Wood, Audrey. Quick as a cricket  E W851q

Van Laan, Nancy. Mama rocks, Papa sings E V322m

Zemach, Harve. The judge, and untrue tale. E Z4j