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Instructional Media Center: Sports


A selection of Easy books and Juvenile Fiction books


Dygard, Thomas J. Outside shooter  F D989o

Myers, Walter Dean. The outside shot  F M992o

Philbrook, Clem

  Ollie the backward forward  F P534g

  Ollie's team and the basketball computer  F P34b

Tunis, John R.  Go, team go!  F T834g

Walden, Amelia E.  A girl called Hank  F W144g



Berry, Lynne. Ducking for apples  E B459d

Breinburg, Petronella. Shawn's red bike E B747b

Bunting, Eve. Summer wheels  E B885sw

Clearly, Beverly. Henry and Beezus F C58h

Corbett, Scott. The case of the ticklish tooth F C81t

Hodges, Margaret. The freewheeling of Joshua Cobb  F H666f

Hughes, Shirley. Wheels  E H8745w

Liebler, John. Frog counts to ten  E L622f

McLeod, Emilie. The bear's bicycle  E M225b

Say, Allen. The bicyle man E Sa99b

Shannon, David. Duck on a bike  E Sh19d

Thomas, Jane R. Wheels  E T364w



Wolff, Ashley. Stella & Roy  E W8325s


Bonham, Frank. The rascals from Haskell's gym  F B641r

Hooks, Gwendolyn. The lucky charm : a Pet Club story E H764lu

Sateren, Shelley S. Max and Zoe at the doctor E Sa82mdo

Schade, Susan. Cat on the mat  E Sch12c


Christopher, Matt.

  The dog that called the pitch  E C466c

  The dog that pitched a no-hitter  E C466p

  The dog that stole home  E C466sh

  The kid who only hit homers F C466k

  Look who's playing first base F C466lo

  Mystery coach F C466m

  No arm in left field  F C466n

  Shortstop from Tokyo E C466sh

Grey, Zane.

  The short stop  E G869s

  The young pitcher  E G869y

Tunis, John. The kid from Tomkinsville  F T834kt


Dygard, Thomas J. Soccer duel F D989s

Glenn, Mel. Play-by-play  F G487p

Joosse, Barbara M. The losers fight back: a wild Willie mystery  F J741l

Klass, David.  Home of the Braves  F K666h

Lakin, Patricia. A good sport  E L149go

Shreve, Susan R. The goalie  F Sh84g

Tunis, John R. His enemy, his friend  F T834hi

A Conglomeration of Sports


Christopher, Matt. Dirt bike racer F C466d


Gault, William C. The long green  F G236lo


Corbett, Scott. The hockey girls  F C81hg

Lynch, Chris. Iceman  F L99i


Dodge, Mary Mapes. Hans Brinker, or The silver skates  F D663h

Moskin, Marietta D. Lysbet and the fire kittens E M853l


Potter, Noel G. A wheel life lesson E P854fw


Bauer, Marion Dane. Face to face : a novel F B3255fa

LaMarche, Jim.  The raft  E L161r


Cavanna, Betty. Angel on skis  F C314an

Freeman, Don.  Ski pup  E F877s

Watson, Wendy. Tales for a winter's eve  E W337t


Brock, Emma L. Mary on roller skates F B783m

Keats, Ezra Jack. Skates! E K225sk

Wahl, Jan. Rabbits on roller skates! E W125r


Ormondroyd, Edward. Broderick  E Or54b


Smith, Doris B. Up and over  F Sm53u


Voight, Cynthia. Tell me if the lovers are losers. F V871t


Christopher, Matt.

  The dog that called the signals  E C466s

  Team that couldn't lose  F C466t 

  Tough to tackle  F C466to

Dygard, Thomas J. Outside shooter  F D989o


Bey-Clarke, Monica. Keesha & her two moms go swimming E B468k

Crutcher, Chris. Stotan!  E C889s

Fishkey, Margaret. Seven diving ducks  E F917s

Lasky, Kathryn. Sea Swan  E L336s

Schecter, Ellen. Swim like a fish  E Sch21sw

Schuurmans, Hilde. Hilde won't swimm E Sch88s

Shortall, Leonard W. Tony's first dive ESh81t

Stevens, Carla. Hooray for pig! E St47h

Weston, Martha. Tuck in the pool  E W528t


Ahlberg, Allan. Skeleton crew E Ah46s

Blackstone, Stella. An island in the sun  E B567is

Creech, Sharon. The wanderer  F C861wa

Crews, Donald. Sail away E C876sa

Calhoun, Mary. Henry the sailor cat E C128he

Locker, Thomas. Sailing with the wind. E L795s

Peyton, K. M. The plan for Birdsmarsh F P468p

Pons, Helen. The story of Vania for Alessandro, Nicola, and Angelica. E P775s

Rand, Gloria. Salty sails North  E R164s

Titherington, Jeanne. Baby's boat  E T5345b



Stevens, Carla. Pig and the blue flag  E St47p


Anderson, Joseph. The kickball game. E An234k