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Instructional Media Center: Time Travel


A selection of books ... A - L

  • Babe and me : a baseball card adventure  F G985b

  • Bell's breakthrough  FD489b

  • Ben Franklin's fame   F D489bf

  • Civil War on Sunday  F Os17c

  • Culpepper's cannon  F P285cu

  • The devil's arithmetic  F Y78de

  • The cure  F L579c

  • Earthfasts  F M454e

  • The elixir  F N195el

  • Galactic derelict  F N823g

  • Gregory, Maw, and the Mean One  F G365g

  • Halfway down Paddy Lane  F M37h

  • Hanging out with Cici  F P26h

  • The Homeward Bounders  F J713hb

  • Hour of the Olympics  F Os17h

  • Jeremy Visick  F W755j

  • Jim & me : a baseball card adventure   F G985ji

A selection of books ... M-Z

  • Mercy's mill  F L577m

  • The Orphan of Ellis Island : a time-travel adventure  F  W86o

  • The princess in the pigpen  F T3642p

  • Satch & me : a baseball card adventure  F G985s

  • The secret of Jules and Josephine : an art deco fairy tale  F  D355s

  • Something upstairs : a tale of ghosts  F Av51so

  • Steel magic   F N823st

  • Stonewords : a ghost story  F C7638st

  • Switching well  F G8745s

  • The 13th floor : a ghost story  F  F6282t

  • The time machine  F W463t

  • Wraiths of time  F 823w

  • Your mother was a Neanderthal  F Sci26y