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Instructional Media Center: BIG BOOKS



BIG BOOKS can be found in a special book display which is located in front of the biography section


ABC and you : an alphabet book  BIG BOOK  E F39a

Animal homes  BIG BOOK  591.564 An54

Anno's counting book  BIG BOOK E An78ac

Being a big kid in the community  BIG BOOK E L666b

Curious George  BIG BOOK E R33C

Dinosaurs, dinosaurs  BIG BOOK E B285d

The doorbell rang  BIG BOOK E H97do

From seed to plant  BIG BOOK  5813 G325f

The Great Kapok tree : a tale of the Amazon rain forest    BIG BOOK E C424g

Honest Abe   BIG BOOK L637T

I like me  BIG BOOK E C1955i

I love animals  BIG BOOK E M146i

I see shapes  BIG BOOK E F916i

If you can give a moose a muffin    BIG BOOK E N917m

If you give a mouse a cookie    BIG BOOK E N917mc

If you give a pig a pancake  BIG BOOK E 917if

It looked like spilt milk  BIG BOOK E Sh26i

Jeremy's dollar  BIG BOOK E H23j

Little blue truck  BIG BOOK E Sch281b

The little old woman and the hungry cat   BIG BOOK   E P75l

The little red hen  BIG BOOK E B285l