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Instructional Media Center: Westerns


Image used with the express written permission of the artist, James Warhola

Bubba the cowboy prince : a fractured Texas tale

If you hopped like a frog

Jack and the beanstalk

A selection of Western Stories ... A-H

  • Baker, Betty. Do not annoy the Indians. F B171do
  • Beatty, Patricia. Eight mules from Monterey. F B38ei
  • Beatty, Patricia. Lacy makes a match. F B38la
  • Beatty, Patricia. Me, California Perkins. F B38m
  • Beatty, Patricia. Something to shout about. F B38s
  • Beatty, Patricia. Wait for me, watch for me, Eula Bee. F B38w
  • Borland, Hal. When the legends die. F B647w
  • Bradford, Richard. So far from heaven. F B7265s
  • Bulla, Clyde R. The secret valley. F B872se
  • Bunting, Eve. Dandelions F B886da
  • Byars, Betsy. The Golly sisters go West. E B99go
  • Byars, Betsy. The Golly sisters ride again. E B99gos
  • Conrad, Pam. My Daniel. F C7638m
  • Conrad, Pam. Prairie songs. F C7638p
  • Dagliesh, Alice. The courage of Sarah Noble. F D157c
  • Dana, Barbara. Zucchini out West. F D191zo
  • DeFelice, Cynthia. Weasel. F D361w
  • Dodd, Susan M. Mamaw.  F D661m
  • Fleischman, Sid. Bandits moon. F F6282ba
  • Fleischman, Sid. The ghost on Saturday night. F F6282gs
  • Fleischman, Sid. Humbug mountain. F F6282hu
  • Fleischman, Sid. Jim Bridger's alarm clock and other tall tales.  F F6282jb
  • Fleischman, Sid. Jim Ugly.  F F6282j
  • Gipson, Fred. Old Yeller. F G44o
  • Grossman, Bill. Cowboy Ed. E G915c
  • Harvey, Brett. Cassie's journey : going West in the 1860s. E H262c
  • Henry, Marguerite. San Domingo; the medicine hat stallion. F H396d
  • Holm, Jennifer L. Our only May Amelia. F H728o
  • Hulme, Joy N. Through the open door. F 878t

A selection of Western Stories ... J-Z

  • James, Will. Will James' book of cowboy stories. F J237b
  • Jones, Douglas C. Season of yellow leaf.  F J7132s
  • Larson, Kirby. Hattie Big Sky. F L321h
  • Lauritzen, Jonreed. The ordeal of a young hunter. F 7375o
  • MacLachlan, Patricia. Sarah, plain and tall. F M221s
  • MacLachlan, Patricia. Three names. F M221t
  • McMeekin, Isabel M. Journey cake. F M227j
  • Meadowcroft, Enid L. By wagon and flatboat. F M461w
  • Nixon, Joan L. If you say so, Claude. E N654i
  • Paulsen, Gary. Mr. Tucket. F P285m
  • Portis, Charles. True Grit. F P836t
  • Pryor, Bonnie. Lottie's dream.  E P956l
  • Rátz de Tagyos, Paul. Showdown at Lonesome Pellet. E R189s
  • Remkiewicz, Frank. The bone stranger. E R284b
  • Rounds, Glen. The blind colt. F R761b
  • Sanders, Scott R. Bad man ballad. F Sa564b
  • Shannon, George. The gang and Mrs. Higgins.  E Sh192g
  • Sorensen, Henri. New hope. E So68n
  • Speare, Elizabeth G. The sign of the beaver. F Sp31s
  • Taylor, Mark. Jennie Jenkins. F T216j
  • Turner, Ann W. Dakota dugout. E T851d
  • Van Leeuwen, Jean.  Going West. E V324g
  • Whelan, Gloria. Miranda's last stand. F W572m
  • Wilder, Laura I. On the banks of Plum Creek. F W645o
  • Williams, Vera B. Stringbean's trip to the shining sea. E W676st