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Instructional Media Center: Wordless Picture Books


"Though wordless books contain little or no text, they have a real story to tell.  Readers must examine details and expressions carefully to interpret the stories from the pictures.  This helps children focus on the sequence in the stories and gives them the opportunity to use “book language.” Making up stories with wordless picture books helps children develop narrative skills. To find wordless picture books in the library catalog, do a “subject search” on “stories without words.”

A selection of Wordless Picture Books ... A-M

  • Anno, Mitsumasa. Anno's counting book. E An78ac
  • Baker, Jeannie. Mirror. E B174m
  • Baker, Jeannie. Window. E W174wi
  • Bang, Molly. The grey lady and the strawberry snatcher. E B224g
  • Becker, Aaron. Journey.  E B387j
  • Blake, Quentin. Clown. E B581c
  • Briggs, Raymond. The snowman. E B767s
  • Crews, Donald. Freight train. E C867f
  • De Groat, Diane. Alligator's toothache. E D365a
  • DePaola, Tomie. Pancakes for breakfast. E D44p
  • Drescher, Henrik. The yellow umbrella. E D816y
  • Emberley, Ed. A birthday wish. E Em13b
  • Goodall, John S. The creepy castle. E G61c
  • Goodall, John S. An Edwardian Christmas. E G61ec
  • Goodall, John S. Jacko. E G61j
  • Goodall, John S. Midnight adventures of Kelly, Dot, and Esmerelda. E G61m
  • Goodall, John S. Paddy Pork's holiday. E G61p
  • Keats, Ezra Jack. Skates! E K225sk
  • Krahn, Fernando. The biggest Christmas tree on earth. E K856b
  • Lee, Suzy. Shadow. E L515s
  • Lisowski, Gabriel. The invitation. E L69i
  • Mari, Iela. The chicken and the egg. E M337c
  • Mari, Iela. The magic balloon. E M337m
  • Massie, Diane R. Cocoon. E M385c
  • Mayer, Mercer. Ah-choo. E M453a
  • Mayer, Mercer. A boy, a dog, a frog. E M453bf
  • Mayer, Mercer. Frog goes to dinner. E M453bfg
  • Mayer, Mercer. Frog, where are you? E M453bf
  • McCully, Emily A. Picnic. E M139p




A selection of Wordless Picture Books ... N-Z

  • Ormerod, Jan. Moonlight. E Or52m
  • Omerod, Jan. Sunshine. E Or52s
  • Pinkney, Jerry. The lion & the mouse. E P6555l
  • Popov, Nicolai. Why? E P814w
  • Ringi, Kjell. The magic stick. E R474m
  • Rockwell, Anne F. Albert B. Cub & Zebra : an annotated storybook. E R593ab
  • Rohrmann, Eric. Time flies. E R636t
  • Shannon, David. No, David! E Sh19n
  • Shimin, Symeon. A special birthday. E Sh62s
  • Simmons, Ellie. Family. E Si47f
  • Tafuri, Nancy. Have you seen my duckling? E T125h
  • Tafuri, Nancy. Do not disturb E T125d
  • Tan, Shaun. The arrival. E T153a
  • Turkle, Brinton. Deep in the forest. E T847b
  • Ueno, Noriko. Elephant buttons. E Ue5e
  • Wetherbee, Holden. The wonder ring : a fantasy in silhouette. E W532w
  • Wiesner, David. Flotsam. E W638fl
  • Wiesner, David. Free fall. E W638f
  • Wiesner, David. Sector 7. E W638s
  • Wildsmith, Brian. The circus. E W647c
  • Winter, Paula. The bear & the fly : a story. E W7345b