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Instructional Media Center: Detective and Mystery


Famous Detectives

Famous tales of Sherlock Holmes -- Doyle F D772f

The adventures of Sherlock Holmes -- Doyle F D772a


Ellery Queen's anthology 808.3 El54a

Ellery Queen's champions of mystery 808.3 E154a

Ellery Queen's giants of mystery 808.3 E154a

Ellery Queen's magicians of mystery 808.3 E154a

Ellery Queen's Masks of mystery 808.3 E154a

Ellery Queen’s Napoleons of mystery 808.3 E154a

Ellery Queen's searches and seizures 808.3 El54s

Ellery Queen’s Wings of mystery  808.3 El54w

Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock's anthology  808.3 Al29t

Alfred Hitchcock's tales to make your hair stand on end   808.3 Al29tt

Tales from Alfred Hitchcock's mystery magazine  808.3 Al29ta

A selection of Detective and Mystery stories ... A-M

Adler, David A. Cam Jansen and the mystery writer. F Ad593cm
Aiken, Joan. Night fall. F Ai42nf
Babbitt, Natalie. Kneeknock Rise. F B113k
Babbitt, Natalie. Goody Hall. F B113g
Ball, John D. Johnny get your gun. F B21jo
Balliet, Blue. Chasing Vermeer. F B213c
Balliet, Blue. Wright 3. F B213w
Bellairs, John. The treasure of Alpheus Winterborn. F B415t
Broach, Elise. Shakespeare's secret. F B78s
Clark, Mary Higgins. Where are the children? F C5495w
Cormier, Robert. I am the cheese : a novel F C813i
Cushman, Doug. Aunt Eater's mysterious vacation. F C96a
Estes, Eleanor. Ginger Pye. F Es85pi
Farley, Walter. The black stallion mystery. F F229bm
Faulkner, Nancy. Tomahawk shadow. F F273t
Fitzhugh, Louise. Harriet the spy. F F577h
Fizhugh, Louise. The long secret. F F577l
Gaines, Ernest J. A gathering of old men. F G127g
Gardner, John. The revenge of Moriarty. F G1745r
Guy, Rosa. I heard a bird sing. F G99a
Hale, Bruce. Dial M for mongoose  F H13d
Hamilton, Virginia. The house of Dies Drear. F H18h
Heide, Florence P. Mystery of the bewitched bookmobile. F H363m
Hillerman, Tony. Skiniwalkers. F H557s
Howe, Deborah. Bunnicula : a rabbit-tale of mystery. F H8384b
Jones, Elizabeth M. The night flyers. F J7138n
King, Laurie R. The beekeeper's apprentice, or, On the segregation of the queen. F K584b
L'Engle, Madeleine. Dragons in the waters. F L547d
L'Engle, Madeleine. Troubling a star. F L547t
Mack, Tracy. The fall of the Amazing Zalindas. F M19s
MacGregor, Ellen. Miss Pickerell on the trail. F M179t
Mac Pherson, Margaret M. The new tenants. F M242n
McGraw, Eloise Jarvis. The golden goblet. F M178g
McLean, Allan C. Master of Morgana. F M223m
Myers, Walter Dean. Tales of a dead king. F M992t


A selection of Detective and Mystery stories ... N-Z

Nixon, Joan Lowery. The kidnapping of Christina Lattimore. F N654k
Norton, Andre. Fur magic. F N823f
Oakley, Helen M. The enchanter's wheel. F Oa4e
O'Dell, Scott. The dark canoe. F Od2d
Pullman, Phillip. The ruby in the smoke. F P967r
Pullman, Phillip. The Shadow in the north.  F P967s
Quakenbush, Robert M. Detective mole. F Q21d
Roberts, Willo D. The kidnappers F R544k
Rynning-Tønnesen, Olaf. The secret transmitter. F R991s
Schorr, Mark. Bully! F Sch66b
Sefton, Catherine. In a blue velvet dress. F Se36i
Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman. Nate the great. F Sh225n
Singer, Marilyn. A nose for trouble. F Si645no
Snyder, Zilpha Keatley. The Egypt game. F Sn92e
Sobol, Robert J. Encyclopedia Brown and the case of the dead eagles. F So12d
Sobol, Robert J. Encyclopedia Brown solves them all. F So12e
Springer, Nancy. The case of the bizarrre bouquets. F Sp83c
St. John, Wylly Folk. The ghost next door. F Sa23g
Stewart, Mary. This rough magic. F St49r
Turnage, Sheila. Three times lucky. F T8483r
Van Draanen, Wendelin. Sammy Keyes and the wild things. F V288s
Waldron, Ann. The house on Pendleton block. F W147h
Warner, Gertrude Chandler. The mystery of the spider's clue. [Boxcar children mysteries] F W244ms
Warner, Gertrude Chandler. Schoolhouse mystery. [Boxcar children mysteries] F W244s
Wilhelm, Kate. The dark door. F W649d
Wilson, Gahan. Eddy Deco's last caper F W6925e
Winterfeld, Henry. Detectives in Togas. F W735d
Wright, Betty Ren. The dollhouse murders. F W931d

A selection of Detective and Mystery Easy Readers

ABC mystery -- Cushman E C988a

Aunt Eater's mystery -- Cushman E C96a

Aunt Eater's mystery Halloween -- Cushman E C96au

Big Max -- Platt E P697b
Binky brothers, detectives -- Lawrence E L437bi

The case of the cat's meow -- Bonsall E B644c

The case of the double cross -- Bonsall E B644cdo

The case of the dumb bells -- Bonsall E B644d
The case of the hungry stranger -- Bonsall E B644h

The cat food mystery -- Hooks E H764c
Deep in the Sahara -- Cunnane E C917d

Detective Donut and the wild Goose chase -- Whatley E W557d

Detective Mole -- Quakenbush E Q21d

Detective Mole and the circus mystery  -- Quackenbush E Q21dc

Detective Mole and the Tip-Top mystery -- Quackenbush E Q21dt

Don't be my valentine -- Lexau E 591d

Franklin the detective -- Jennings E J447fd

The homework caper -- Lexau E L591h

The Mud Flat mystery -- Stevenson E St482mud

My dog and the green sock mystery -- Adler E Ad59m

The mystery at Number Seven, Rue Petite -- Shire E Sh65m

The mystery illness -- Lakin E L149mhe

The mystery of the missing red mitten -- Kellog E K291m

The mystery of the giant footprints -- Krahn E K856m

The mystery of the missing tooth -- Hooks E H764my

The mystery of the monkey's maze -- Cushman E C96m

The mystery of the stranger in the barn -- Kelley E K287m

Mystery tour -- Ahlberg E Ah46m

Nate the great -- Sharmat E Sh225n

Obadiah Coffee and the music contest -- Poole E P789o

Peabody's first case -- Thomson E T386p

The rooftop mystery -- Lexau E L591r

The secret box mystery -- Nixon E N654s

Something queer is going on (a mystery) -- Levy E L5797s

Ten what? : A mystery counting book -- Hoban E H651t

Where is Freddy? -- Allen E Al532w