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Instructional Media Center: Educational Resources & Databases

Britannica School

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  From introducing a new lesson or topic to illustrating complex subject matter, content is mapped to Common Core, and aligned to academic standards. This software  is compatible with interactive whiteboards, Macs, and PCs. No downloading, installation, or special hardware is required.                      

The combo subscription to BrainPOP includes the following:

BrainPOP --

BrainPOP jr --

BrainPOP ESL ---

BrainPOP Espanol --

BrainPOP Francais --

BrainPOP UK --

BrainPOP China --

BrainPOP Google Chrome Ap --

BrainPOP iTunes ap --


New York Online Virtual Electronic Library

The following NOVELNY databases contain information to help teachers prepare lesson plans and class assignments:



Social Studies

Elementary/Middle School

Middle/High School


Other Resources

Rosen Learning Center

Interactive eBooks for grades K - 12


Core Language Skills

Energy Everywhere

How are they different?

Let's Celebrate Freedom

My Community : New York's Geography

Pioneer Spirit : The Westward Expansion

Powerkids Readers : American Symbols

Powerkids Readers : My Community

Power Kids Readers : The Universe

Save Earth's Animals

Science Tools

Spotlight on New York

Under the Sea

What really happened?

Yours five senses and your sixth sense


Free Kids Books