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English 2 Research Help: Citation Help

Prof. Pigliacelli, Harris, Littlefield, Grimstead, Niemczura, Sassenoff, Stoepker, Alarcon, Angyal, Hempel


Q: Why do we need to cite sources?

A: The simple answer is to give credit to others and to avoid plagiarizing.

Q: What constitutes plagiarism?

A: Read these pages and also refer to the C. W. Post Campus Academic Conduct Policy.

Why Cite Resources?

√ To acknowledge that others have influenced your work

Citing a work indicates that you have read the cited work

√ To support key ideas and arguments in your work

√ To place your work in the context of the field of study

√ To avoid accusations of plagiarism

Cite your sources!

Choose the appropriate citation style from this page. And remember to look at the notes at the bottom of each page for the explanations behind the examples. Keep in mind these apply to formatting a bibliography only.

For additonal information on in-text citing, see one of the LibGuides on either APA or MLA citation.

If what you need is not on these pages, go to the Reference Desk and ask for the MLA Handbook or the APA Publication Manual or other style manuals that might be preferred by your professor.

Quick Guide on Plagiarism

Why Cite

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