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English 2 Research Help: Database Search

Prof. Pigliacelli, Harris, Littlefield, Grimstead, Niemczura, Sassenoff, Stoepker, Alarcon, Angyal, Hempel

Database Searching Tips

There is no standardized format for a database’s appearance or user interface. However, most databases offer similar search functionality.

  • Keyword searching is default on many databases.
  • Use important nouns as search words.
  • Try using synonyms of your search words: college, university, "higher education".
  • Avoid using common words: "a", "an","the","to","by", "of", etc.
  • Use double quotations marks to search for an exact phrase.
    Example: “embryonic stem cell”

Practice Finding Articles

Finding Articles in the Databases

Find the articles using the LIU Databases from the information provided. Copy and Paste the brief citation for each article into a Word document, print and then hand it in.

Note: All of the articles do not appear in just one database, You have to try a couple of different databases to find them all.

1.       A Habit of Collaboration by Grossman and Arnold

2.       Opting Out Under Stalin and Khrushchev published in Problems of Post-Communism

3.       Fields of Blood by Downs

4.       Cloned Animals Deemed Safe to Eat published in Nature Biotechnology

5.       The Inconceivability of Zombies by Robert Kirk

6.       The Process is the Message published in New Perspectives Quarterly

7.       The Revolution Will be Tweeted by Hounshell

8.       Can’t C Me published in Journal of Black Studies

9.       Are Librarians Obsolete published in Teacher Librarian

10.   Grindhouse: An Experiment in the Death of Cinema by Benson-Allott

General Databases


The following databases are multi-disciplinary and will retrieve articles on almost any topic.

Many offer the option to limit searches to articles found in scholarly and peer-reviewed journals.

Academic OneFile: General database with articles and reviews

Academic Search Complete: Useful articles on a variety of topics

ProQuest Central: Excellent database with plenty of Psychology articles

Opposing Viewpoints

Opposing Viewpoints In Context


Points of View Reference Center

Database List: Click here for more databases arranged by subject