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APA Citation Style Guide: References List

References List

The References list section of your paper is where you will place the full citations to your references.  The References list should be alphabetized by authors last name to make it easy to find a citation referred to in a parenthetical reference.   The following rules should be adhered to:


√ Start Reference list on new page

√ Type the word References at the top, centered on line

√ Set first line of the reference at left margin, indent all lines underneath in hanging indentation format

√ Alphabetize by the author's last name (surname)

√ For author's from eastern countries use the format the author uses in the work

√ Alphabetize letter by letter, "nothing precedes something"  Brown, J. goes before Browning, A.

√ Names beginning with Mac or Mc should be alphabetized as they are spelled

√ References by the same author should be arranged chronologically with the earliest work first

√ A one author work should be placed before a multi-author work that begins with the same author

√ References by the same author or multiple authors (in the same order) should be alphabetized by title

√ Works with no authors should be alphabetized by title, with the title in the author position

√ Use Anonymous as an author only is the work is signed anonymously

√ Alphabetize a group or organization name as author by the first significant word

√ Please refer to the Publication Manual for further information

The link in the box below will take you to an example References list.

Example References List

Common Abbreviations

Abbreviation    Book or publication part


ed.                edition

Rev. ed.        Revised Edition

2nd ed.         second edition

Ed. or Eds.    Editor or Editors

Trans.           Translator

n.d.               no date

p. or pp.        page or pages

Vol.               Volume

No.                Number


Please refer to the Publication Manual for the use other abbreviations.

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