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APA Citation Style Guide: Scholarly Journal Articles (Print)

Citing Scholarly Journal Articles

Citing a Scholarly Journal Article

√ Last name first followed by initials

√ Italicize journal name and volume number

√ Upper case for first letter of article title and subtitle, all other words, except proper nouns, should be lower case

√ First and last page number of article

√ Issue number, season, or month, are necessary only if journal is paginated by issue (See below)

√ Title of journal and volume number are italicized


Single Author

Kakhnovets, R. (2011). Relationships among personality, expectations about counseling, and help-seeking attitudes. Journal of Counseling & Development, 89, 11-19.


Two Authors

√ List in order of appearance on title page

√ Use commas to separate authors

√ Use ampersand before last author

Logan, C., & Johnstone, L. (2010). Personality disorder and violence: Making the link through risk formulation. Journal of Personality Disorders, 24, 610-633.


Three to Seven Authors

Wade-Galuska, T., Galuska, C. M., & Winger, G. (2011). Effects of daily morphine administration and deprivation on choice and demand for remifentanil and cocaine in rhesus monkeys. Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior, 95, 75-89.


More Than Seven Authors

√ List first six authors

√ Add ...

√ List the last author

Poljac, E., Simon, S., Ringlever, L., Kalcik, D., Groen, W. B., Buitelaar, J. K., ... Bekkering, H. (2010). Impaired task switching performance in children with dyslexia but not in children with autism. The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 63, 401-416.


√ No author available

 For an in-text reference use the first few words of the article title. Place them between quotation marks.  In the reference list alphabetize the citation by title.

("Deflecting immigration," 2006)


Journal paginated by issue, not by volume

Tell, D. (2004). Burke's encounter with ransom: Rhetoric and epistemology in "Four Master Tropes." Rhetoric Society Quarterly  34(4), 33-54.


√ Please refer to the Publication Manual for further information on citing scholarly journal articles