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International Finance: Cite It!

Information Resources for FIN 72 and FIN 716



Q: Why do we need to cite sources?

A: The simple answer is to give credit to others and to avoid plagiarism.

Q: What constitutes plagiarism?

A: Read these pages and also refer to the LIU Post Campus Academic Conduct Policy.


Cite Your Sources!

For this project you will be using APA citation style to format the references at the end of your papers and to format your in-text citations.

What's an in-text citation?

An in-text citation is the way you refer to the ideas, thoughts, and direct quotes from the sources you used to write your paper. For detail on how to do an in-text citation refer to the links in the next box.

Where can I go for help?

See the attached file below for sample citations for your reference list  For further help, see the links in the next box.

Links for Citation Help