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TFD Theatre, Film, and Dance: Find Books

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If the Library does not have the book or article that you need, you can order it via Interlibrary Loan.

By signing up for an ILLIAD account, you streamline the process of ordering items and can also track the status of your requests.

To find relevant books that may not be in the LIU collection, use WorldCat.

Find Books and More

Find Books and More

Advanced Keyword Search

*Keyword search is default. You may enter as many keywords as you like, separated by a space.

Search Tips

Here are some tips for better search results:

Boolean:  You can include or exclude certain terms in the search results by including Boolean operators (and, or, not, xor) in your search string. for example: 

  • Eastwood and Peckinpah retrieves material that contains both terms.
  • Eastwood or Peckinpah retrieves material that contains either or both terms, but both are not required.
  • Eastwood not Peckinpah retrieves material that contains the word Eastwood but not Peckinpah.
  • Eastwood xor Peckinpah retrieves material that contains either Keats or Wordsworth, but not both together.

Truncation: film* searches for film, filming, films, filmed, etc.

Wildcard: m?n searches for man, men, etc.

               m??n searches for moon, mean, etc.

Parenthesis:  You can use parenthesis to build a search with multiple boolean operators. for example: (Eastwood and unforgiven) xor (Peckinpah and bunch)

Quotation marks: You can search for entire phrases by using quotes. for example: Peckinpah and "the wild bunch"

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