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Shakespeare Forever: Acknowledgements


Many thanks to all the grant organizations: the New York Council for the Humanities, the Dorothy Dayton Sorzano Theatre Library, and the John P. McGrath Fund. A special thanks to all participants, sponsors, and partners who have cooperated and worked enthusiastically to make these programs possible.


Project Team

Prof. Manju Prasad-Rao, Project Director

Dr. Kay Sato, Advisor

Dr. John Lutz, Advisor

Dr. Barbara Applegate, Advisor

Dan Christoffel, Artist and Advisor

Prof. Natalia Tomlin, Library Exhibits Commitee

Jarron Jewell, Archivist, Special Collections of LIU Post Library

Susan Ketcham, Library Guides

Yin Yuan, Graphic Artist and Web Design


B. Davis Schwartz Memorial Library, LIUPost

Hutton House Lectures, LIUPost

English Department, LIUPost


The New York Council for the Humanities

The Port Washington Public Library

The Great Neck Public Library

The Huntington Arts Council

Honors College, LIUPost

Phi Delta Kappa, Chapter 1524

The LIU High School Scholars Program , LIUPost

Tilles Center for the Performing Arts, LIUPost

School of Visual and Performing Arts, LIU Post

Steinberg Museum of Art, LIUPost

Post Library Association


The New York Council for the Humanities

The Sorzano Grant  LIU Post Library

John P. McGrath Fund, Long Island University



The exhibits and programs have been made possible through the support of:     



John P. McGrath Fund

The Dorothy Dayton Sorzano Theatre Library